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Prophetic Update On Things To Come

A few weeks ago, I was standing in my kitchen when the Spirit of God came to me. I felt as though something bad was going to happened. When I asked the Lord, I instinctively knew it had to do with flooding and the weather. Since then I’ve been praying for all the many people who’s homes are destroyed and lives are disrupted because of these terrible storms.

Also, remember, the Lord warned us about this Coronavirus this summer in July through a prophecy. You can hear a recording of the prophecy here.

I also feel impressed that there will be much controversy around the election in November as to who the winner is, bringing forth a lot of protest and chaos. I expressed more details this past Sunday service.

Over the next 10 years, God will start to bring His church in unity. Mostly, what causes unity is persecution. Even though the country will, as a whole, become more conservative, a fight will ensue, causing even more divisions. Many more devastating natural disasters will occur. We have not seen anything compared to some things that are coming according to what God has shown me.

The best way to prepare for this era is to put total trust in God. Lean on Him and develop a closer walk with Him.

Many exciting things are going to come about for God’s people, but we must be prepared. God is raising up an army of strong believers. We are all being tested and purified to be worthy to be of use for the developments ahead. We will see shifts and changes all over the world in governments and religion. It will be a great hour for God’s glory and the supernatural to be seen. I feel a healing revival will break forth this summer.

The old way is being destroyed and changes are coming! Regime changes, leadership in the church and government will be on trial. Judgement is here for those who refuse repentance. All those who have an ear to hear, know that it’s time to take inventory of our thoughts and actions, clean up our walk and purged old patterns that are not pleasing to the Lord!

There will be many technical inventions and many new discoveries in transportation and cures of diseases. God is going to touch in a mighty way the younger generation. It’s hard to believe but God has a plan! It’s going to be all over the news! Look for a great movement on college campuses and in high schools! Much more protest and controversy is yet to come, but the victory belongs to the government of God!

The government of God shall increase and so shall His people! A purity shall be found amongst believers and a powerful movement of God shall begin in the earth!!

Please remove offenses in you hearts, it’s time to let go of old patterns and carnal demonstrations. Be flexible in God. No one knows it all and only a fool is not able to be corrected. We are all evolving into that which we are called to be on the earth, as long as we remain humble, so the changes can develop us. Humility is a huge factor. God is concentrating on the ones who refuse rebellion and choose to be molded.

Such a great time to be alive and in the earth!!!! Perhaps, I’ll go into more detail on the next post!

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