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Our kids and youth programs are designed to equip youth and children for a lifetime walk with Jesus Christ, inspiring to walk in daily awareness of Him, as they learn of Him. Our programs of sports, drama, musical enhancement serve in the growth of gifts, talents and callings upon the lives of the youth.  We are committed to empowering a young generation to walk in their God called purpose, with confidence and fulfillment! 


Our leadership promotes a strong relationship with God and a support to both the parents and their children.  And lastly, we want to inspire natural creativity and critical thinking, bringing in self awareness and a sense of choosing for themselves well for their lives!  


The culture of this day is not conducive  to bring out the best in our children! We feel a mandate and a call from God to be an affective source of leadership with compassion and companionship to the youth introducing kingdom principles and kingdom culture. Everyone has a purpose - come explore what your children have been uniquely given by God to fulfill their destiny!

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Nursery: Ages 0 - 3

Preschool & Kindergarten: Ages 3 - 5

Elementary: Ages 5 - 9

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Middle School & High School Groups

Ages: 10 - 19

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Youth basketball skills clinic and devotional every Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm.  Free registration required.  Sign your youth up today!

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Our vision is to empower youth by transforming the community for Christ and giving them the resources and support that they need to thrive in all aspects of life. We need your help in our efforts of expanding our youth programs, with needs of equipment, a safe playground, tutors, and curriculum supplies.  Thank you for your generosity.

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