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Some of the greatest testimonials heard from out of this ministry are those which cannot be physically seen.  Lives are renewed and hearts healed.  The most often heard are restoration of families and financial blessing.

Then there are physical healings that are incredible!  Incurable diseases and ailments such as aids, lupus, children with asthma, cancer, bone disease and hepatitis C, are all cured under the power of God.  Deafness, back problems, aches and pains have been eliminated with just one touch.

Many long-term ailments have been diagnosed through medical assessment.  After the healing has taken place, those of whom returned to their physicians have documentation of their cure.  Unfortunately, not all have been concerned regarding documentation and felt no need to revisit their doctor.  We appreciate those who have, in that our Lord is glorified in the eyes of many unbelievers.  These are the workings of the powerful God we serve and it is awesome!

Linzie S.

America needs more churches like Reigning Glory Church. We need pastors like Pastor LaCricia who are not afraid of preaching the truth and being led by the Holy Spirit. God honors her consecrated lifestyle by showing up EVERY service. The glory of God is always tangible in her meetings that miracles come forth.

Sherry S.

God has used this church and Pastor LaCricia to change my life, as well as many others. I moved from San Antonio to Houston. I was embraced by this pastor and this great congregation. My son was on drugs and was totally set free by the power of God after attending this church. Through the few years I have been attending, I have seen peoples lives tremendously changed for the better. The presence of God and His love are always present. I have seen miracles, supernatural healings and complete restoration to families and individuals. I myself have been healed many times. God restored and brought even my husband and I closer together through this ministry. Every week I meet people who are so grateful to what God has done for them in attending every service. I have seen how real God is through the ministry and anointing that Pastor LaCricia carries. Many times I have come to church burdened and praying about a particular situation and every time God specifically answered my prayer and detailed to me His concern about my situation. This is an amazing Woman of God with a true prophetic gift that makes God so real and personal. I will eternally be grateful for this church and Pastor LaCricia and most of all my God!

Elizabeth G.

My name is Elizabeth Gonzales and the first time I came into Pastor LaCricia service, she called me out and told me “The Lord is healing you this night.”  I had a lump on my neck, a goiter.  By the time the service was over that night, the goiter had completely disappeared.  I felt great!  I went back to my doctor after being ill with lupus for many months and to his surprise all the test came back negative!  It showed that there was no longer lupus in my body.  I gave Pastor LaCricia the paperwork of proof, stating that the lupus is completely gone after her prophetic word from GOD.  I received a miracle from the Lord!  I praise GOD for this Reigning Glory Church because Pastor LaCricia has such great insight as to what God wants to do for His people and she has power to speak it and it comes to pass.  I thank GOD for her.  She is a true prophetess of the Lord.  Many things she has said to me have come to pass.

Gracey G.

The Anointing Flows, and you can just feel the Presence of God! The Lord moves differently every service and his presence increases, lives are changed and healings take place. God has total freedom to move the way he wants to move, where the Spirit of The Lord Is There Is Freedom!
Freedom and the Love of God Reign Here!  Our Pastor is loving,kind,and seeks after God and wants to see the People of God Grow In the things of God so that we as a people can be strong in our own Walk with God, in these last days we need to be strong and close to the Heart Of God! The Word is taught in this place and the Word of Truth is Spoken Here! Praise God!  Even the children are well taken care of b/c Pastor is Obedient To God and they also will be Feed and Taught the Word of God. Your Children are Safe Here! You are welcomed and loved here! I Praise God for Being A Part of Reigning Glory Church, For the Lord has changed me and he has healed me, my walk with God has grown and gotten stronger! Praise God!

Carine B.

I have been so blessed to be under this powerful ministry, where the Spirit of God is moving and people are being transformed including myself. I thank GOD for using Pastor LaCricia Hlavinka so powerfully to bring forth His word to His people. She prophesies about everything before it happens. I was so amazed when she prophesied that Donald Trump was going to be the president while others were believing and prophesying that Hillary Clinton was going to win. If you really wanna hear a real word from GOD go to Reigning Glory Church you will be amazed. And most specially you will feel the anointing and real Love of God

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Reigning Glory Church

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