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Pastor LaCricia Hlavinka


Born into the Catholic faith, Pastor LaCricia Hlavinka grew up with great devotion to the Lord.  At 7 years of age, God began to make Himself real to her through supernatural experiences.  By age 9, He had already appeared to her.  Her love of God immensely grew.

When Pastor Hlavinka turned 16 years old, she endeavored to live the rest of her life as a nun.  She visited the convent against her family's desire.  But after a few weeks, decided to listen to her parents and continue her education.  She obtained an academic scholarship and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated and planned to enroll in Law School.

God interrupted her plans through another supernatural experience and made it clear His hand was on her life for His use.  Confirmation of her calling was made absolute and she could no longer fulfill her own desires.  So she gave up her own dreams to follow that which God had chosen for her.

Pastor Hlavinka served as an assistant to a non-denominational  church in Dallas, Texas.  During this time of great trial and tribulation the Lord again appeared to her on four different occasions.

After attending Dallas Theological Seminary, she labored as an Evangelist.  In 1996, she helped to establish a non-denominational church in Denton, Texas called Church on Fire, whereby Pastor Brian Dickerson endowed her Apostle of the church.  She ministered in various cities in the U.S. and other countries as she continued to grow stronger in the prophetic and revelation of Jesus Christ. 

Prophet LaCricia Hlavinka, Prophetess Lacricia Hlavinka in Houston, Prophet in Houston, Female Prophet

The anointing on her life has prophetically spoken to thousands of people, delivering them from bondage, setting them free to serve the Lord, and confirming the call upon their lives.  Signs follow the spoken Word in the form of miracles, healings, and deliverance.  This powerful anointing destroys the yoke and sets the captives free.

Finally, the Lord led her to evangelize Houston, Texas in 1997.  Then in 1999, God spoke to her to begin the work of a pastor in Houston.  Reigning Glory Church was born.  The vision became clear to build not just a building but a people for the glory of God. 

Pastor LaCricia Hlavinka is an apostle over Sherman Revival Center in Sherman, TX.  She still travels and preaches in various cities, states and countries.  But on Sundays, you will almost always find her in Sugar Land, Texas.

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