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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

THERE IS SO MUCH FEAR ABOUT THE #CORONAVIRUS. I wanted to post the actual prophecy I gave last summer, in one of my services. This should bring believers comfort. This prophecy was documented on Facebook in July 2019. Please share it with others.

If you would rather read the prophecy, you can scroll down and read it below the video.

“For I speak even unto this house and say even out of thine obedience, thou shall begin to find new riches. For I shall bring even a greater wealth onto this place, says the Lord. And I will cause those who have not, to begin to have, and those who have, yay shall increase, says the Lord. And I will bring unto this place my greater glory, and I will cause a new thing to be birthed out of obedience. For have I not spoken to pray? Have I not spoken, says the Lord, that thy voice shall be heard on high? Now even, says the Lord, I shall birth something new. For I, am looking for those who are willing and obedient, that their light, may shine in this hour, says God. For I say look upon the fall months, even beginning in November. Thou shall see new things that I shall begin to birth. Even the next 2 months, it shall be HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, says the Lord. (Aug/Sept) and thou shall know that surely this is a word for thee.

For even upon these winter months, says the Lord, shall many viruses, many diseases try to take a hold of my people, but I say my children, it shall not come nigh thee. If thou shall walk in faith and if thou shall stay in prayer, and remain in obedience to which I have called thee, says the Lord, I say nothing shall harm thee. For thou shall see many even fall away... DIE says God. But it shall not come nigh those that shall carry my word, that walk in my word, says the Lord. For even as it was with John G. Lake, so shall it be with many of thee. And diseases shall not be able to penetrate, not be able to take thee down. Thou shall FLOURISH says the Lord. Financially thou shall FLOURISH, says God. Believe me this day, my children. Believe my prophets and thou shall begin to prosper. For it is the hour that I shall bless the obedient and I will cause new things to be birthed in thine lives.”

(I said this part right after the prophecy was released) "Help me praise Him today. Praise the Lord, shout, Hallelujah. You believe it? I believe it. Glory to God. Everybody around you can get sick, but you’re not going to get sick. You watch it, it’s going to be on the news, about the viruses and how they’re spreading but it will not come nigh thee! It will not come nigh thee! Hallelujah! That’s our God!"

ONE MORE NOTE ON THE CORONAVIRUS: I don’t think it will last long but it may come back. I think this is going to lighten up through maybe medicine or change of season by the end of May/ beginning of June, or at the very least it will die down considerably!! I remembered a post I put on Facebook a few weeks back saying there would be a lot of inventions and cures this year! This, perhaps, will be one of them!! Psalms 91🙏🏼

Also, silver sol with nanotechnology kills viruses and bacteria. Better than hand sanitizer!

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