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Prophetic Dream & More Prophetic Updates

This morning I had a dream 3-19-20. I’m not sure in what country I was, but there was pandemonium!!! It was crazy; there were people full of rage, flooding their government with protest. They were tearing things down and destroying everything they could. Everything that represented the government and the elected officials was being destroyed. It reminded me of the time when Joseph Stalin’s statued form being desecrated and when they destroyed the statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003. I fear this could have been the USA. But I’m not sure.

I see other nations protesting and leadership changing, also. I know and have prophesied big changes in China, England, Middle East, Korea. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken, in these nations as well as others!

This year, everything is going to be different and not as you have known it. I’ve been saying for a long time churches/religion and government are going to make some big changes. The old has to die out for the new to come. Sometimes this is not pleasant and can be destructive for the changes to come. I know protest will be prevalent in all countries which are destined to change or leaders may simply pass away. I believe, maybe, next year or this there may be an assassin attempt on the president.

The election is going to be something like we’ve never seen before. I won’t go into detail but a dream I had before President Trump was elected gave me cause to believe that his presidency would be much like President George W Bush’s terms. Remember the 2nd term and all the fiasco? Florida was not able to determine their votes, leading to confusion and controversy around the knowing of who would be president? Well, it’s going to be that kind of thing on steroids!! Lots of protest and confusion. In a dream before PTrump’s election, his mother came to me and asked me to pray for her son, but I thought it was Pres. G W Bush’s mother. She told me things that were going on in his family and asked me to pray for her son. I didn’t figure out that that was PTrump’s mother until I started preaching that Sunday morning and the revelation came to me as I was ministering about it. She had her back turned to me until the end of the dream. God set it up that way to show me the similarity in their elections and Presidencies. The dream is documented on Facebook.

Additionally, I have a lot to say, from the Lord, about China!! Many things I prophesied in last week’s service. But some I have been saying for years, especially about China.

Get ready, the trouble is not over for this month (March)! It may get worse before it gets better! Some tough situations may occur at the end of this month. But also, through it, some great opportunities! It will be a year like we have never seen before, but some of the greatest opportunities for God’s people!! It’s not a time to be afraid! This is our greatest hour! Be encouraged! Be about the Father’s business! You will prosper despite everything that is happening! Believe it!! Businesses will grow! God has a plan for you!!

But many who will not repent will suffer. Many people are going to pass away this year as I have already posted on Facebook and this virus will be over quickly. I believe they will find a cure, bc God told me a lot of cures are going to discovered this year even to other illnesses!!! I’ve already posted the end of this and the cures on this page.

God is going to be so big in the earth. He will display His greatness! We are going back to a place of reverential fear of God. We will feel His awe and know that He alone is God! He will unveil Himself like never before! It’s exciting and awesome all at the same time!!!! What a great time to be in the earth!!

God bless you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. As soon as I can, I will start making videos. This is a time you want to have a prophet in your midst!

And get ready, we are having something special for this Sunday! Watch for Details to be posted!


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