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The Sovereignty Of God


I believe then it will go to the Supreme Court. The final decision will not be made until January. The inauguration will be heated and immensely fought on Inauguration Day. 

I tried to post this before, but received so much back lash, I took it off Facebook. Whoever ends up being president for this election, may not finish their term in office. Several things could happen for that to be so, don’t assume. I want to implore you to pray for Biden and Trump, no matter who you prefer. One thing I know FOR SURE, given to me by the Lord is, it will be His choice who will be in office as president of USA. God showed me His sovereignty over this matter. He will make this decision for His purposes. This was very clear to me, when He visited me after I asked Him, although He did not clarify who would be in office. I can't assume. I’ve done that before and got in trouble, so I will wait on the Lord. I also KNOW there will be a Trump dynasty.

To many who will read this post, we are pilgrims passing through this land. Our home is really with our Heavenly Father. Don’t let the anger or disappointment grip you, no matter the turnout. GOD IS STILL AT THE HELM and our trust is in Him.

Yes, we need to pray for our nation and our leaders, but it is not worth getting emotional and ugly with one another. Whether we are living on land or on sea, we seek out the Kingdom of God and He will supply all our needs according to His riches.

Be kind to one another. They will know we are part of God by our fruits. Pray, but don’t get pulled into all the rhetoric. God has a plan. We don’t have to fear the outcome if we know God is sovereignly directing this matter. And, I assure you, He is.

The Kingdom of God is joy, peace and righteousness!

I hope to see many of you at the GIVE THANKS CONVENTION, which begins on Sunday and ends on the following Sunday. Many will be healed, delivered and direction will be given by the Spirit of God! YOU DONT WANT TO MISS WHAT GOD HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!!



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