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We are honored to set aside time to yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit, as intercessors, EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. 

**Please respect others as they are praying. This is not the time to fellowship or talk to one another. The sanctuary is open to pray. 

Dress comfortably and you are welcome to bring pillows, blankets and headphones for noise canceling or your own anointed recordings to catapult you into the Spirit. The sanctuary will have music playing in the background, a room will be set aside for those who press in with intensity of volume. 

The Bible says to pray in the Spirit, but also with the mind. As we pray in the Spirit, we will feel the anointed on what God is leading us to pray.  And, of course, we may, also, come with our own prayer request. 

We must allow God to bring up any cleansing we may need, such as forgiving offensives and cleansing our spirit, in general. God can also minister to us during this time, so be open to hear His voice. 

Praising, worshiping, honoring and having a grateful heart will always open a door for His presence to come. May the Lord find pleasure in our sacrifice, as we come before Him in prayer and supplication on behalf of others and in our personal time with Him!


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