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Prophetic Dream: A Terrible Storm or Tsunami

On Saturday morning, June 13, 2020, I had a dream I wanted to document.

It was night time and I was sleeping upstairs in this very big house. I felt as though it was maybe connected to a school. I remember, there were other beds in the very large room in which I was.

Suddenly, the ocean began to rise up with an enormous wave. It burst through the very large window in the room, located on the second floor, where I was. Water was collecting on the floor. I got out of bed to try and go down the stairway, but couldn’t. Water was downstairs halfway up the staircase and cars were stacked on the staircase. Then I awoke.

The feeling of the dream felt I was on the west coast, maybe California. And this felt as though it could have been some type of tsunami or terrible storm that cause the ocean to crash against the house, flooding the house.

I have already spoken about the storms and earthquakes, the Lord showed me. Some have happened and it will continue this summer, especially toward the end of this month and throughout July. 🙏🏼

Also, please see the last dream I documented in March about protests and riots, HERE.

I saw in the dream many statues being destroyed and desecrated. I felt there was much anger and protest in the dream. I mentioned it reminded me of when Stalin’s statue was brought down by the Russians, some years back and when Saddam Hussein’s statue was desecrated by his countrymen. We can see all this coming to pass as many statues are being destroyed in America and other countries. In America it is mostly, confederate statues. But this is happening in other countries as well. You can read the full post of that prophetic dream here.



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