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What To Expect Until The End of 2022


We are not out of the woods yet. God has been visiting me so frequently and powerfully, I thought I would document some things he has been showing me.

Many heads of state will either be removed or pass during this season. We will see these changes in America (Pres Biden), England (the queen) as well as other countries. The Queen’s time will soon pass. In the 1990’s I felt like the Lord showed me her successor will skip a generation and Prince Charles would not take her place, but Prince William.

Many areas where leaders have abused their position will be uncovered. These are people over others and have been manipulative and controlling. Some things may have to do money and sex. So really, people in high position in business, politics and ministry. Their doings will be exposed and some will even pass. So much that has been in secret will be exposed in all these areas.

The more government attempts to control, the angrier people will be. Protest will turn into stronger action. A terrorist-like attack will take place soon, and many violent acts in December, lots of explosions as well earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I documented on Facebook a dream I had a of a large plane going down over the water, it could be a terrorist act, I don’t know for sure. Weather will continue to be destructive, as well as some stronger earthquakes. We all are aware that the American dollar will soon be worth very little if anything and that inflation is increasing at a fast rate. The future looks dim from this prospective and may be for some, but God is going to do a new thing with many of His children in the way of finances. I saw many people coming up with inventions and ideas which were needed for this time and it prospered them! The gospel will go forth and the means to do it will be provided through many who will be blessed to do it. God will keep His people supernaturally!

However, we are in a time of judgement. For the next few years we will see these judgments fall on the earth. California, New York, Chicago and Houston are a few places I have been shown where great devastation will occur. Here in my own city, Houston, God has told me for a few years now that He is not pleased with Houston because they have refused His Word. We are living in a time like unto the time when Jesus was brought forth in the earth. Men refused Him, the religious system refused Him and thus judgement was brought upon the city, Jerusalem. The temple was destroyed and the Jews had to flee. Mary, mother of Jesus, prophesied in the “magnificat” that every high mountain would be brought low and every low valley would be brought up. Others have prophesied this, such as Isiah. God is going to take some that have been at the back of the bus and bring them forward! The first shall be last and the last, first.

In 2001, God spoke through me before 9/11 and said, “Egypt (the world’s system) is going down and God’s people are coming up. America will be attacked and it will lead us to war” We saw this come to pass as it was spoke 9 days before 9/11. God’s people are in the place of coming up!

How we have lived is getting ready to change drastically. God is purging us and causing us to be more dependent on Him. Our money system will change, IRS will eventually be no more or change tremendously. We will not be able to depend on the government or other resources to which we have looked. But God will provide!! And as I’m sure everyone is aware, a great move of God is coming in the midst of some horrific events on the earth. We, as a people of God, have been carnal too long and we have not even been aware of it. God is now forcing us to come up higher and reevaluate our lives. For many, new spiritual realms will be opened and we will see more spiritually than ever before.

God is bringing a time to renew a fear (reverential) of Him. We, as His people, will revere Him in all His glory and the church as we know it will not be as it has been.  It’s an exciting and scary time because God is stepping into the earth to show Himself strong with many infallible proofs! We are blessed to know Him, hunger after Him and walk with Him, as we are chosen to be on the earth at this incredible time!

More to come—don’t want this post to be too long… Love you all!♥️



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