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Where Have You Dimmed Your Light In Order To Fit In?

It’s time for authenticity, to find your highest purpose here on earth. How much time have you wasted trying to please others, keeping up appearances just to be a part?

If you are called by God, you most likely will never fit in. The life God has chosen for you is complex, complicated, misunderstood and most likely difficult. You are the black sheep in a sea of white ones. You can’t get to a “storybook ending” because you are constantly being refined and purified. When you have conquered one mountain, you are challenged by a greater one yet to be seized.

King David was a man of this sort. Seemingly, a life of battles encompassed David, yet nothing was able to prevent him from completing his purpose on earth. David couldn’t live the life of his brothers, his dad or any king before him. He was separated merely because of his purpose. When he looked to model his life after a man, he found none. No one was called to do what God had purposed for David. And no one is called to do what God has purposed for you.

Luke 9:58 And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” Jesus couldn’t find a place to fit in. Because of who He was/is. He was called to change the world!! There was not another man like Him with the mission He had!

So, stop looking to fit in, to please or impress others. Be who you authentically are. Run your race. Your experiences will not always be understood or accepted by people. They are not designed for them , but for you! People may shame you for what you’ve been through and even cut you out of their circles, but you were never meant to be limited by staying in those circles. It was God who wouldn’t let you remain! Life’s mishaps or trying times are given to you as a gift to grow and learn your art, your anointing, your gifts. David was anointed for war, gifted in battle. Jesus was chosen to overcome the whole world! What is your purpose and what will be said of you before it’s all over?

Doors will shut for you that no longer serve you - by the divine hand of God! You didn’t fail!!! IT WAS GOD, moving you forward. God said, “you’ve grown out of that place, you have somewhere else to be!”

Following this God is like following the wind, you don’t know from where it comes or where it will take you by it’s power. Doors close, relationships end, people die, but your journey continues here on earth. AND YOU KEEP LEARNING, YOU CONTINUE TO CONQUER AND YOU KEEP MOVING!

Acts 17:28 "For in Him we live, and move, and have our being". This journey on earth is specifically made for you to discover, enjoy, anticipate and most profoundly-GROW. It can never happen unless there are ups and downs, ebbs and flows. Pathways end, but then a new path begins. You can’t keep questioning how it could have had a different outcome, some things were made to end so a new day could emerge. Weeping endures for the night but joy comes in the morning. Don’t look back. Embrace the new; be challenged in the greater, richer, deeper journey God has designed for you!

What you are experiencing, right now, may be changing your life forever and you may not be able to see it until time has passed.

There is a Guarantee, it all is working in harmony with your purpose and destiny. GOD’s GOT YOU!!!

I love you,

Pastor LaCricia



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