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What Will Happen During The 2020 Election?

We are getting close to the election and close to November. As you have heard me say since the beginning of 2020, there will be some sort of delay.

Who remembers the hanging chads in the Bush/Gore election? The results were delayed. It looked like Gore had won and then the high court of Florida had to decide who would be president. A very similar  scenario will happen again. The retaliation from the opposition of who is elected will begin with rioting.

Before President Trump was elected in 2016, his mother came to me in a dream and asked me to pray for her son. She had her back turned to me until the end of the dream. The whole time I thought I was talking to George W. Bush’s mother. I was given this dream during the time the videos were discovered of a private conversation between P Trump and an interviewer. Things were said that were very demeaning to women by Trump. Trump’s mother was telling me there were problems in his marriage and that her grandson, Erick wanted to leave the family business. But I still thought this was about GW Bush. I did not realize until that Sun morning, while telling the dream to my church that it was Trump’s mother. All of a sudden the interpretation of the dream was revealed to me. In addition to the prayers God wanted me to pray, God showed me the election and presidency was going to be similar to Pres GW Bush’s. Consequently, with Bush we had 9/11 in his first term and COVID-19 in Trump’s first term. I believe the election between Trump-Biden will be similar as Bush/Gore. The opposition against Bush was fierce and to a level we had not seen before, but nothing compared to the opposition against Trump. 


My recommendation would be to get out of the stock mkt before the end of October. The stock mkt does not like uncertainty and may go down. But I believe it will go back up again late December or sometime at the beginning of the year.

I have been seeking God this week and He has told me that 2021 will be another year of the unusual. We will see things we never thought would happen. Remember, as I have said so many times, the old has to be destroyed in order to bring the new. Our government will change, our churches will change or economy will change and our world will change. I believe this will be for the good, as old ways are no longer useful for the new era God is bringing in play. But it is a transition and those are not easy.

If you are looking for the systems of the world to sustain you, you may suffer during these times of change. But if your trust in The Lord God, you will see the miraculous! This is a time God’s people will be very powerful, if we are willing and obedient. If we are willing to be delivered from our carnal ways and learn to walk with God and be led by the Holy Spirit, we will see God move for us time and time again by way of the supernatural. Now is a time to get our hearts right and choose purity. God has so many secrets He is going to unveil to His people. And the keys are going to be given to the hungry and thirsty. We will help God usher in the new era He wants to bring!

Also, many dark and hidden things are going to exposed and be judged by the Lord. Again, in government and religion, not just in the USA but all over the world.

When a rocket takes off and enters through different stratospheres, it goes through a tremendous shaking before the calm of space. After the entrance of the new stratosphere, the turbulence is lessened. A new atmosphere is coming forth.



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