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What's In-Store For November

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

NOVEMBER, OH, NOVEMBER!!!! Stay in prayer throughout this month. This will begin the most difficult season of 2020!!!

I believe it will look like one of the presidential candidates will win, but it will begin to change before the month is finished. When it is revealed (maybe through a court battle), it will strike a match to the already divided county. And the media will be faulted with false information.

We will have terrible earthquakes, more fires, terrorist attacks, anger, destruction, and hostility worldwide. The hostility will be palpable!!! The Lord spoke last Sunday and said there are things coming on this nation that will cause us to mourn. I think He was referring to 2021, but this month will be sad also because of the great divide and tremendous force of anger. No matter who you are voting for in this election, our government will go thru a tremendous change, something we never experienced and there will be great weeping in our land. On the other hand, God is going to judge many things that have been unjust and not true. God is going to judge the media, many countries’ governments, and much of the church and religious systems. Remember, God said He was going to shake the nations because this earth belongs to Him. As He showed me in a dream and spoke to me, “The Earth is Mine!!” And as His voice roared like thunder, parts of the earth fell away when a great light came out of the earth!

It will not be easy to go through these changes, but they are necessary. Remember, there must first be a tearing down of the old, so the new can come. Our trust is in Him! The summer of 2021 will be difficult, but God is with us! Put your trust in God and not man. For our human existence is temporal. And people you may trust in are temporal also. The government of God is always increasing and it will have no end. We are not of this world, but of this great government of God. No matter what may come our way, He is walking with us and we will FEAR NO EVIL!! The water will not overtake us and the fire will not burn us because He walks with us through the water and fire. God chose this time before time was and we are here to witness and be a part of this great move of His hand all over the earth.

God is going to bring His body into a greater unity through all these events. We are going to draw closer to Him and bear witness to many supernatural events chosen for this time.

We are having our GIVE THANKS CONFERENCE this year from Sunday to Sunday, during Thanksgiving week. We will be having lots of intercessory prayer, as well as great healings and powerful miracles by His Spirit. We will have a live worship band and some great ministers with us from far and wide. Joan Hunter, the daughter of the Happy Hunters, is one of the ministers, as well as others I will not reveal at this time. Let’s come together and give God this Thanksgiving week, as we pray for our nation and our world. God has a plan for America and many nations of this world, not to destroy, but to bring hope!

So I hope you’ll make your reservations and stay with us for the week. Get away from your home and where you live. Separate yourselves from old places. Come worship and praise Him for a whole week under the anointing as a sacrificial offering!

We love you and looking forward to seeing you! Let’s pray this year of 2020 out!



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