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Don’t be surprised if the frustration and things that occurred in the springs months continue during the summer. It won’t last forever!! It will only continue until the shift is completed! God has shown me a shift occurring with His people this summer. Sometimes when God is ending an era in our lives, old things have to die or pass for new things to come! This also includes habits and ways of thinking that have to come to an end. It’s time we get rid of all patterns that hold us back from walking in unity with God! Sacred cows and even religious ways that are not God’s ways are on their wAy out!

Though a difficult situation our routine life is altered. Many times this is what God uses because we are creatures of habit and have formulated, over the years, thoughts and patterns that did not come from God. But He is a merciful God.

GOD IS SHIFTING HIS PEOPLE AND IT WILL CAUSE THE TRANSITION WE NEED TO ENTER INTO THE PROMISES HE HAS FOR US. So hold on, it gets better from here. Stay close to Him and keep trusting!!!!🙏🏼😇 the changes are coming!



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