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Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and support. Also thank you for the opportunity to give my testimonies. I planned to give my testimonies in May when you are here. I just read the email I would love for you to give my testimony even you can put it on Facebook with my name. Glory to God. Sammy and I visited Reigning Glory Church in Sugarland, Texas. I received a prophetic message from my Lord Jesus through the woman of God, Pastor LaCricia Hlavinka. “ God will bless me with my mission to plant a church. God will provide people to help me in the ministry. Also, God will bless me with deliverance and prophetic gifts by the Holy Spirit for the work of God. God will bless me to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus to my home nation, Eritrea. “I received and I believed in Jesus’, name above all names. Pastor LaCricia did not know anything about me or what I was praying about, yet one by one she answered every prayer I had before God. I believed the word the women of God gave me and cried so hard because I felt God through her. After that day I was encouraged. I knew if she would accept me, I wanted to be under her covering. I wanted her guidance and the voice of God she hears. March 1/2020- word came to pass After you prophesied about my ministry on April 20th, I called Bryan. He said the Holy Spirit spoke to him to help me. He donated ICE A compact mixer board and pair of powered JBL speakers with stands used but in perfect conditions. On June 8th he came to our house with the sound system. At the end of June on Saturday morning, Bryan came with 7 other men. From denomination and non-denomination and one Baptist Pastor came and painted the rooms and cleaned. Also, Bryan donated a tv with a DVD player for the children's room also a projector for the service room. Finally, at the end of August the owner of the building came from Illinois just to fix the power. I have a spirit-filled brother, Timothy, helping me with prayers and evangelism now. Also, I have wonderful people God has sent to stand with me. As you prophesied, God gave me the things we needed and sent the people to help me. Everything thing came to pass, just like you said. Thank you so much for helping me, praying for me, motivating me, encouraging me. Thank you so much for your humble spirit and your obedience to the Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me to be under you, it is an honor. I am so excited to work under your umbrella. I love you, my spiritual mother, In Christ, Sister, Merih Praise God. Another testimony: Since we sent out tithes ($50) we received money for this month (May) more than $550. 00 immediately after! Glory to God. God bless you more We are so excited to see the woman of God Pastor LaCricia come to Blessing, Texas. We are so blessed and grateful for the woman of God and that she is coming. God is going to do abundantly work thru Pastor LaCricia. It is time to see a breakthrough. Glory to God! Thank God for her humble spirit. In Christ, Sister, Merih PASTOR MERIH IS A PART OF REIGNING GLORY CHURCH. SHE HAS BEGUN A WORK IN BLESSING, TEXAS. We are excited to be with her this week to minister at her church. She has a strong call to evangelize and we are blessed to have her as a pastor under RGC. I’m inviting all my friends in the area, as well as other places to come be a part of this 2 day meeting. Brother Federico will be with me on the keyboard. THAT’S FRIDAY NIGHT AT 7:00 pm and SATURDAY morning at 11:00 am International Church of Evangelism 139 FM 616 Blessing, TX 77419 Hotel reservation can be made at: Fairfield Inn By Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites Bay City Address 515 7th Street Bay City Texas 77414 USA Telephone 1-979-323-9191 Ask for the RGC RATE. $81



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