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Many states are being troubled now with cold weather, but I am so grateful. I just love it when the world seemingly stands still and takes us off the beaten path. All the routine of daily living is interrupted by weather! I know many of you are fasting with us. WHAT A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY TO CURL UP UNDER THE COVERS OR HAVE TIME TO KNEEL AT BED, CRYING OUT TO GOD, WHILE THE COLD WEATHER KEEPS US INDOORS AND AWAY FROM ROUTINE.

Covid was such a blessing to me because I didn’t have to wake up at 6:00am and obligate myself to all the school’s agenda go my daughter. She and I were able to pray together and even separately, as I pulled on his presence to abound in my home during Covid while everything was shut down. Sometimes family members can be in different atmospheres and when they come home, they bring in elements or remnants of the atmosphere of where they have been into the home. Thank God for days of no school and for some- no work. I love how God will always give us reprieve, as He knows we are trying to seeking Him in a greater way. I remember working for a company and really wanting to have time to seek God while I was on a fast on many occasions. My request was ALWAYS answered by the Lord. I never had to lie or call in sick, that God didn’t shut down a day here or there where I could spend the whole day with Him. It brings Him such great joy that we desire Him. When we delight in Him, He gives us the desires of our heart.



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