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Requesting Prayer For The Johnson Family

This past weekend Tony & Tihiti lost their eldest son, Joshua, to cancer. Joshua, a young man full of life and vigor, was a member of our kid’s group at RGC for many years. He was always smiling and dancing. He brought great joy to so many, with his optimism and great character. He always sat near the front of the church with his family on Sunday morning’s, praising God with a noise and clapping his hands. He was a praiser! Everyone loved him! And all the children in our church were very close. We will all miss him. Joshua turned 17 while he was in the hospital at MD Anderson this Fall. He has 2 younger brothers, Jalen and JoJo, who also need our prayers.

I’m sure he is being celebrated in heaven for all the joy and love he brought here on earth. Even though our hearts grieve his loss, we can rest assured that God, in His infinite wisdom, works all things together for good. (Romans 8 ) It wasn’t from a lack of faith to be healed that this took place, but for a higher purpose in Him.

We may not always understand why things happen the way they do, but we know we can trust the Lord in whatever event occurs in our lives. Jesus is always there to comfort us and He knows our end from our beginning. Everyone has a purpose on the earth to fulfill. I believe Josh fulfilled his.

We celebrate the life of Josh on the earth and now his new home in heaven! We also pray for all those who will miss his bright spirit!!



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