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'Refreshing Times' Live Broadcasts

Join us SUNDAY for this special Facebook LIVE service:

We would like your participation by submitting questions using this link:

On our LIVE broadcast, Sunday @ 3:00pm, central standard time, we will be answering questions. Submit only general questions-no personal questions please. Not all questions will be answered, due to time limitation.


Times will be announced prior so you can invite friends to join us and submit your questions.

We are all having to be creative during these unconventional times, as we are unable to have services in person, due to the SHELTER IN PLACE mandate!!

We thank you for your support as we bring our best to you and yours! Your contributions are very much appreciated and needed while our conventional church services are having to be canceled. If you feel you would like to contribute, here are some ways you can give your support:

MEMBERS OF REIGNING GLORY CHURCH pls send your tithes or send your offerings by these 4 options, thank you!

1. Mail Your Cash Or Check To:

Reigning Glory Church

P.O. Box 27194

Houston, Texas 77227

2. Zelle Bank Transfer: Look for Works of Charity

3. Facebook Donation: Click the blue DONATE button on the main page. This is the easiest way to give. Just put your credit card number in and it’s done. There are no fees for you or for the church.

4. PayPal: We also accept PayPal which you can ACCESS THROUGH OUR WEBSITE, however, there are fees with this method.

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