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Spoken during 2020 Give Thanks Prophetic Conference by Pastor Howard Richardson:

“For those that have been in this house says the Lord, that have come alongside this ministry, for I ordained the season for you to come, and to partake and be apart. And you that have come alongside like a parakletos, one that comes alongside to hold up the hands of another, I’ve ordained it.

For surely the Angel of the Lord is with thee says God for you to whom I have appointed after this matter. That as you continue to be my parakletos in this house, and hold up the hands of this anointed, thou shall prosper and be blessed.

And I will put a hedge about thee, saith God, that the enemy cannot get to thee. And you will know that I have spoken. For this is an hour for those that come to assist, those that come to work, those that come to abide under this anointing to find a place in this house, you shall know that I have made thee in this house a parakletos. One that cometh alongside to help that which I have ordained to rise up and do my will in the earth.

Do you not know that I am going to go before thee before this year is finished? And I will cause the doors that were shut to begin to open for thee. I will bless households, I will bless marriages, and I will bless the children, even now, says God that is with thee in this house.

And I will cause restoration to come forth even as I have spoken through My servant in the morning service, that this is a hour of restoration. That you will begin to see the restoration of things that have been taken from your life, shall be given back to thee by greater kind, by greater quality, and by greater quantity.

Thou shall know that I am God, that I change not. That this is the day saith the Lord that I cause My eagles to gather and I cause my anointed ones to come in together. And my anointing, saith the Lord, where one shall put 1,000 to flight and two shall put 10,000.

For thou are surely My anointed ones saith God. And your ministry shall come forth, your blessing shall come forth, your restoration shall come forth and you will know that I have spoken saith the Lord. Lift up your heart and praise me today under this anointing.

For this Thanksgiving hour I will visit each home saith the Lord, and I will visit each family, and I will visit each ministry, and I will visit each business saith the Lord with a miracle. For the Lord has spoken, for the Lord has spoken, for the Lord has spoken, for the Lord has spoken.

Thou art My parakletos, thou art My parakletos. Praise Me in this house.”


Go on and do what I have called thee to do, for I will send others that will hold up thy hands, saith the Lord. And the spirit of that which is already given in the parakletos, that which I have ordained to come alongside shall be made manifest, saith the Lord.

And I will take the burden from off of thy shoulders. I will take the burden that thou has carried, saith the Lord, for so many off of thee, and thou shall carry it no more.

And thy shall become lighter in thy journey and freer in thy spirit that you can move in my anointing in a greater way. For the spirit of the people have perplexed thee and oppressed thee at times that thy could not move in my presence the way that I have ordained thee to move. But NO MORE, saith the Lord.

For I release unto you My daughter, a greater anointing that you shall walk in for the people. Worry not saith God. Have I not already made the way? Have I not already opened the door? Have I not already done a great work?

Behold even a greater thing is on thy doorstep. Get ready, stretch forth thy corners, pull up thy stakes, lengthen thy corners, strengthen thy stakes. For thy shall break forth on every side, saith the Lord. And I will give thee a people as I have already done. I will give thee a people to whom cares for my work to come alongside that has that spiritual work and to labor and be a servant ‘in’ the work, saith God, that the many souls that are in darkness may come to the light. And thy has brought many saith the Lord into My light, into the illumination of My kingdom, but thou has yet to see what I am going to do with thy ministry.

Get ready. Be at peace. Be at rest, for the Lord is with thee and you will see My hand even before this year is finished. For the Lord has spoken.



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