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Prophecy Fulfilled - Greater Finances & Greater Glory For RGC

As the Lord told us in the recorded prophecy in June (you can watch it below) it has been extremely hot. He said as a sign, August and September would be HOT, HOT, HOT, as a confirmation to the word that was given in that prophecy.

We have seen this unusual hot weather for this time of the year come to pass. Many records have been broken for September. So we know the financial breakthrough, He promised in the Fall months, is also going to come to pass. We have already seen the more finances come into the church since Fall began on Monday!! A major shift is at hand! God is faithful!

Another part of the prophecy was the glory of His presence becoming stronger. We are also seeing evidence of this word coming to pass!! God is purifying His people.

The floods will continue and might even intensify, I have 2 dreams along these lines. I still believe we will see more earthquakes and terrorist attack(s). But God is moving behind the scene to bring about His perfect will.

Hang in there and keep up the faith! Lots of changes are coming for the USA and many countries as we continue to pray. Also, God has said, and I believe, great blessing financially as we support the work of the Kingdom!

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