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PRAY For President Trump, The Nation & The World

Updated: Jan 9, 2023


There is a change coming to this man. God is drawing him into a new place. And God is going to help him help this country. This year will be rocky and even January, 2021 will be crazy. But IF we continue to pray for this nation and our president, the economy is going to turn and we are going to see prosperity brought back to the states.

God has allowed this virus to bring much change, but not enough. There will be more to come before 2020 comes to a close. God has allowed this year of crisis to bring change in churches, government and in the people, as well as the president. God is destroying the old to rebuild the new. This earth still belongs to God. It doesn’t belong to the elite, to the devil, to the illuminati or even to the people! The earth belongs to God! and God will have His way! I believe the finances will be restored for a season. We need to trust God! God is going to move for His people. Don’t be afraid and feel you need to stock up on food or run out and buy silver or gold, unless God tells you to do that. Every time I’ve asked the Lord, he tells me not to do anything until He shows me. Don’t make decisions based on fear or any kind of emotion! Wait on the Lord!

There are too many prophecies I have given, by the Spirit of God, for His people that have not yet come to pass. The end is not yet!! There is much God has for us to do! There will be at least 2 wars of which this country will be a part. And still unsettling events will occur soon. But our trust is in our God. We will feel the turmoil, but we will end up ok! Look for something to arise in the Fall months!

And to other countries, I say changes are coming for you also. We are going to see the laws of this nation change and there is much victory yet to occur for this nation and others.


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Peter Maxwell
Peter Maxwell
Jan 09, 2023

I definitely recommend Lighthouse Church at if you're seeking for a profound and serious worship experience in Houston. I didn't go to church very often before I moved here, but now that things have changed, I feel a stronger kinship with our Lord and Savior!

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