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Prophetic Updates: China, U.S. Riots, & Storms


I had already prophesied about China having a difficult year. I received a text from a friend informing me of some difficulty: “Breaking news: They just reported that China has a yellow rust fungus infection in their wheat crops. Estimated 1.5 million acres x 2 tons of wheat per acre. = 3,000,000 tons of wheat blasted. They are going to wind up with a famine probably… they are getting backed into a corner…” I feel as though there will be much more difficulty to come in China. And more trade wars with the US. This may lead to some very unpleasant occurrences.

At the beginning of the year I prophesied how this would be a time like the 1960’s, where there would be rioting and protest all over the world. I also had a dream (documented on this blog & Facebook, also) where people were destroying everything that had to do with the government.

Some of that is mixed in with the rioting & protesting going on right now, according to the news. But the worst is yet to come. Greater anger all summer- war like activity. Nations will also rise up against nations, especially between the US and China.

Many very bad storms will continue through the summer as well as earthquakes! Unpresidential times, for sure, in our governments and nations. This year and next year will be tough years.

Everything is going to shake and this year may be the worst. But God will not leave our land broken. As He begins the healing process, we will be so much better spiritually, nationally and personally!

It may be hard to believe it now, but all these changes are going to be good for us. God is going to heal and restore.

I want to encourage my Christian brothers and sisters to stay centered in Christ. Our house is built on the rock and not on sand. Try not to let your emotions rule your temperament. Remember, we are not citizens of this world, only ambassadors of Christ, passing through.

Even politically, don’t be pulled in emotionally by all the divisive propaganda. Our battles are fought in prayer. We wrestle not against flesh. There will be a strong spirit of anger rising up in the earth all over the world beginning this summer. This spirit is not for us to partake! And we must remember our mission and why we are here on the earth! We are part of the Kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace and joy!

Love to all!♥️

P. S. We can speak our truths, as long as it is derived from the Spirit and we carry the Spirit of Christ in speaking it!



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