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Intercessory Prayer This Week

This Wednesday we will have Intercessory prayer for adults at 7:00pm and kids/youth will have Life lessons in the word as they do every Wednesday!

God has called us to greater prayer and we want to make time for personal prayer. Everyone is welcomed. Also, weather permitting, we will have higher purpose sports for kids/ youth at 6:00pm.

I would like to praise the Lord for the things He has done! This Sunday His Spirit was so great in the service, there was hardly a dry eye among the believers. We are definitely in a new wave of the Glory of God. Throughout the whole service most people were standing on their feet praising God.

I’m grateful to be alive in such a season as this! It’s a time to press in and get all God has for us. Today’s message was on purifying ourselves. God took us somewhere beyond—today and my heart is full of thanksgiving and praise!!! I appreciate all who fasted 3 days on water and prayed for the deliverance service on Friday night. Many were set free from bondages and strongholds. We serve an awesome God. His touch, His presence, His glory is Holy and worthy of honor!



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