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If I Told You, You Were God's Favorite, Would You Believe It?

Or do you feel as though, in His eyes, others are more important and more captivating to Him. Do you feel your the last one on His list? Do you feel you are such a disappointment that there is no use in even trying to get His attention? Or maybe you have been so disappointed in the outcomes of your life that it is obvious God is indifferent to you?

Will you let me share with you the TRUTH? You ARE His favorite, no matter what! Everything else is a lie of the devil! He is the instigator that distorts one’s thinking. He sets up a cloud around our head of darkness, hopelessness, despair, self disappointment, disapproval, regrets, unworthiness and shame, even anger and resentment! That is not true, none of it!

I use to think God favored others because they were being visited by God more often than I was when I was young in the Lord. They even told me they were favored more than I.🙄 I used to tell God, “I don’t care if you love others more than me, I have enough love for you for both of us!”

I said it with tears streaming down my cheeks. 😢 But the more I grew in God, the more I realized that I was just as important to Him as anyone else. The more I learned of who He really is...

It is because the enemy has blinded our eyes and we feel we are not as special as we really are. If you knew you were His favorite, how would that change how you felt about God. How would that change how you felt about yourself? I promise, you would want to spend more time with Him and you would see how valuable and loved you are. You would treat others differently because you would be so content.

Trust me on this one!! Start thinking you are His favorite person in all creation and that He loves you unconditionally. He is ever so close to you and intimate with you. You can share your darkest secrets with Him, your toughest battles and He won’t condemn you, He will help you! He’s your best friend! His will is for you to overcome and excel. You are not alone in this journey on earth, He is with you every step of the way.

GOD REALLY DOES LOVE YOU. And I’m praying for you this morning and I’m binding the darkness that has lied to you and kept you chained and embattled. MAY THE TRUTH SET YOU FREE!! Believe it, my friend, and relish in the love your Father has for you!♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏼🙏🏼🤗 YOU ARE HIS FAVORITE AND THAT SETTLES IT.

Nothing can separate you from His love, NOTHING!!!! Any hangups? Talk to Him! He is full of compassion, love, long suffering, meekness, gentleness and mostly forgiveness. He’s the best Dad you ever had and His eyes are on You this morning! 🥰😘



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