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How To Prepare For A Fast

IF YOU LISTENED TO THE SUNDAY SERVICE TODAY, you would know this upcoming fast is more about preparation of what is coming. CHANGE!

We start on Wednesday 2/2/22, for 21 days.

If you are going to juice, get your fruits and vegetables prepared early to juice. I suggest organic, since it is the only thing you will be consuming.

If you are doing water or lemon water, try to buy water in glass jugs or heavy plastic. Plastics can leak chemicals and remember, you are detoxing your bodies as well as seeking the Lord. You can also do a lemonade with lemon and Maple syrup called the master cleanse (can google). These are all healthy options that will reset your body to want to eat healthier. Don’t wait until the last minute or you might end up compromising your fast by being tempted for something close at hand. Be prepared.

A couple of days before you start, eat healthy and try to take vitamins and minerals. You might take magnesium to clean your intestines.

Get a clear idea of your reason for this fast. Fasting is an act of humility. It literally weakens the body or the flesh and strengthens the spirit man.

Pray and separate! The Bible talks about coming away from sex as you separate in marriage while fasting. Separating can also be from people, entertainment, social media, tv, etc…

Decided the times of the day you will make a point to be in prayer. An hour here, an hour there. Set aside a time you will read the Word. This is so important, because this is where God may speak to you: be open to correction. You might want to journal what he says to you. Also, try to find time to meditate or just being quite, blocking out everything from your mind to listen or think on Him alone. You might want to pray about NOT working out or exercising during this 21 days. It can detract from your purpose and compromise your true mission. It’s very important to pray in the Spirit or in your prayer language. If you do not have one, it might be a good time to ask God while you are on this fast.

You will become very sensitive while fasting and praying. Start and end your days with gratitude. Ask for His grace and help to complete the fast. If you are really hungry, remind yourself why you are fasting and how it is so much more important than gratification of a moment, i.e., do I want the cookie or more of God?”

Before you start give the fast a purpose: maybe a few changes you want to see in your life or the lives of someone you love, or maybe you need direction or clarification. You might want to fast to overcome some areas in your life or perhaps to be closer to the Lord.

Determine that nothing is going to stop you from pressing in and going all the way with what God has for you at the end of this fast.

The fast ends on 2/22/22. When I decided to call this fast, I felt the Spirit of God. I believe this is from the Lord for a very special time.

If your children/ teens want to fast, don’t discourage them. It’s really great when you can do it as a family. If you are afraid of fasting, do research before the fast so you can understand the benefits and not feel as though you are harming your body.

Literally, crying out to God will move His hand! Seek Him with all your heart. I’ve seen so many powerful things happen on a fast. I will be praying for you while I am fasting too. Let me know if you will be fasting also. I have found in the past sometimes corporate fasting helps.🙏🏼♥️


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Melissa McDuffy
Melissa McDuffy
Jan 04, 2023

Wow this is so informative and said in a way that is so humble.

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