• Pastor LaCricia Hlavinka


Challenged, yes! Time to give up, no!

When there is so much opposition and there seems to be one fight after another, many times it’s because you are taking new territory. Don’t be discouraged if you find more battles when you are fasting and pressing in. The enemy is not just going to give up your loved ones or spiritual territory so easily.

When Joshua came into the promise land he still had to fight for the land. There was warfare. We don’t always recognize warfare and how the enemy is tempting us to take a break or go do something non spiritual to take a rest from the weariness.

Hey, that’s when we need to dig our heels in and continue until the victory is manifested. Don’t be fooled by the enemies’ tactics.

Jesus has already given us the land!! Go get it. We can take a break after it’s won! Lol!

Be encouraged today. The victory is ours. The month of December is going to be a very spiritual month! Fast and pray!!! Gain more territory!

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