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Does someone owe you an apology because their action against you was WRONG? They never took the time to even acknowledge how they made you feel or what pain you suffered in your heart.

Maybe someone hurt somebody you loved and you rehearse it over and again in your mind. Is there a secret in your heart? Is the pain so great that you don’t want something good to happen in the life of the offender? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are carrying a hidden offense. It’s a seed in your heart which grows and begins to affect your personality. It touches your thought pattern and soon you are held captive by its affects. Your heart becomes a little more callous, your thoughts become more critical, not only to that offender, but it to everyone you encounter in physical form or on social media.

Much of the anger in which we deal, stems from pain. It can come from rejection, betrayal, unfairness, a lie, injustice, harsh words or a disappointment; someone did not fulfill our expectation. Maybe we were overlooked, or maybe we felt entitled ( they owed us something) and they didn’t come through for us. This could, also, be the way we may feel about God. It may have felt as if He ignored our plea, didn’t fulfill our expectations or ignored our effort in trying to please Him and we see no reward. These are all a seed of unforgiveness.

And to every seed there is given time before a harvest comes forth. Soon the heart becomes “Stoney” and before you know it, you’ve lost your joy. A critical mindset develops. All of a sudden, everything is irritating you. You are ready to fight over little mole hills, which are so insignificant.

If this sound like something being expose in your heart right now, let’s take it out! There is no need for it to grow anymore. Why should it compromise your walk, impede your progress, delay your blessing?

You have the ability to take out the seed. How can we take it out? You simply choose to replace the offense with a thought of love. You pray for that person or persons. What ever you want to happen in your life, you ask God to do in theirs. You let the offense go. You are no longer waiting for them to fail, get hurt or even do the right thing. You simply cover them and their sins. 1 Peter 4:8 Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

You choose to let go, you choose to love! You choose to pray for them and your heart will be free and lifted to a bless-able position!! Don’t wait, do it now!! Why, when you have given God your life, would you keep your secret and hold on to an offense? Set yourself free. You will feel lighter! You have the power, so do it now!! And ENJOY YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE Jesus died to give you! Make your peace!

Love you!



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