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God Said 'PREPARE'!

How do we prepare for the new thing that God is doing in the earth? The Spirit of God is in the earth now to bring forth forerunners that will carry the breaking forth of that which is new.

Even as He raised up His Moseses and Esters of the past, He will bring forth His messengers, equipped with the plans and blueprint of what God is doing. Moses led the people out of the bondages of Egypt. They had been in slavery and held captive so long that they didn’t even know God anymore. So when God showed up through His servant Moses, they rebelled. They were accustomed to following man and not the Spirit of God in man, which led them without human reasoning. They were not use to God moving by His supernatural signs and wonders.

Because they did not know how to walk with God, He gave them laws that were to teach them how to walk before their God. They had to learn how to respect Him and each other. They did not want to be under rulership and, of course, they rebelled.

God is not like man, He is a Spirit and all that come to Him must seek to understand Him on His terms. We are still carnal-logic, reason and emotions rule our every move. We make decisions - not based on His Spirit- but how WE feel about a particular situation, what we feel is fair, just and right. We judge things according to our own carnal mind, which knows nothing about God. This is why there is no unity in the body of Christ. His children are still raw and unfinished. Many are not able to discern when He is speaking and when He is not, therefore the sheep are scattered - each to His own rebellion, each to His own thoughts - still thinking it is God.


We must relinquish our thoughts and surrender our will. We must refrain from our opinion always asking God how He feels about certain people & situations. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the new thought He wants to bring because it is foreign and contradicts our theology.

However, we are on the earth, not to formulate our own theology, but to seek and surrender to His. Our flesh wants to cry out for its own rights and declare its freedom. But as long as the flesh or carnal mind rules we cannot be in fellowship with our Father. We are separated by our own pride. We are not in unity with Him.

This is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, of which God forbade Adam and Eve to eat. Taking the fruit of that tree made them as God, deeming what was good and evil out of their own reasoning.

Is not that how the serpent deceived Eve? He is still deceiving God’s people today! He baits the children of God to rebel and question God—or even say, “this CAN’T be God because it is not how I see a God!” “God is not like that!”

The serpent told Eve that she would become like God in some manner if she ate from the forbidden tree. Some have interpreted this to mean that Satan promised Eve that she would become a god if she ate of the fruit - that is she would actually become Deity.

Satan is still bringing his deception, but more cleverly, he tells us we already know it all and there is no reason to humble ourselves. We have become our own god.

Those who are led by the Spirit, are the sons of God. These are the children of light of whom walk humbly before their God bowing down their own will. As Jesus looked to see what the Father was saying and doing and did nothing apart from that, so are we to have the opinion of our Father.

I believe this is the preparation of the new move God is bringing to the earth. And because we are not doing things on our own, the power of God will be greatly with us!



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