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Born Out Of Time?

We all feel we are born out of time when what we have doesn’t fit into the circles we find ourselves. To he who cannot find his purpose is lost until his gifts are fully used and to that of which he is called is needed. We are nothing until we are ignited by purpose. Purpose is huge. It is said of the retired that when they retire, they age quickly and often die. We are sent to the earth with purpose. We can’t really be fulfilled until our purpose has come into fruition. We muddle through life until the golden nugget of why we are here is made known. But it’s not only knowing why but when. Time has to have time.

It is said in the Word, when time was filled up something happened. Many times we are unable to find our way because who we are doesn’t fit the time in which we are living and the people to which we are surrounded. Time has to be filled up for us to come into our greater purpose. Jesus was 30 yrs of age before His time was full and then He only lived 3.5 yrs fulfilling His purpose. It was a select age or time and to a people who were ready for His purpose. I believe we have purpose every day. But I believe we have a larger destiny, if we choose to serve the call for which we are sent. It’s not always the road travelled often. In fact, it is the road traveled less often and that which has the most resistance. That is why many give up before their purpose and time slot is realized. However, for many, there is a continuous pull from within and a compelling to find our true destiny and know our true reason we have been sent. We bear witness when purpose is ignited. Our spirit is in union w the Holy Spirit! We become one in the orchestra of His master plan. The world is less important and our eyes are enlightened to see as He sees.

This “Give Thanks Conference,” we are going to be igniting the fuse to begin the process. This has to do with the timing of this new age in year 2020.

Come learn that even the planets speak of a new season on the earth. This earth belongs to God and the fullness there of! There are times and seasons for all He has planned and we are integrated in that plan! We are entering in a new age! And our life will begin to make sense as we are fulfilled with the PURPOSE to which we are called from the foundations of the world!



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