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A Special Message During This Time Of Separation & Dedication

You are especially called by God to do a particular work in the earth. You are gifted for that work. You have the grace needed to complete your purpose. Try not to be distracted by what others are doing around you. Do not aspire to be them. But find your own walk with your Creator. Seek for His voice everyday. Humbly accept the work you are given to fulfill. It is not in the pride of man’s eye or the magnitude of the labor, but in the obedience of the word we hear from our Father. Many are caught up in how many are saved, how big their influence is and how praised they are in their accomplishments, acknowledged by man.

However, it is in the simplicity of seeking His voice daily and following through with the seemingly insignificant task that brings us to the completion of His will for that day.

Come aside to be silent in His presence that you may hear His voice, not your opinion, man’s logic or even religion. But what He desires to speak to you. Learn of Him in the scriptures, like a new person you are getting to know. He has created you with purpose and He will instruct you accordingly. All of our works will be burnt, except what is ask of us by Him.

And do not think it is all about works in the natural that He ask. Sometimes, a lot of times, it is about sitting at His feet, loving and adoring Him. God does not count greatness as man counts greatness! He looks for obedience and a heart that loves Him so much, no task is too much to ask. This is the unity He wishes to have with His people, of whom are called by His name.

He revealed Himself to you and you are His, chosen, elected, called and predestined. He has much to show you on this journey and in this time! Jesus prayed that we become one with the Father. This is my prayer for you and me, that we devest ourselves of everything carnal and self serving—that we may seek the depth of God.



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