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A Lesson For LIFE


When you have a child, you think of all the wonderful things they might grow up to be. You see potential in every year that passes. With anticipation, even yet, in the womb, you are eager to see their personality traits, whose smile they will have, if they will be smart or athletic... we have so much hope in a child, excited to see what profession they will choose, who will they have for a spouse and you eagerly wait. You dream for your child...

Today, as I looked at photos of a little girl who is now an older woman, I wondered, as we laid her to rest: did she get to become all she was meant to become? Did life get in the way of fulfilling her potential?

I wonder how much of our lives we forfeit, because “life” gets in the way. So much of our time is spent fulfilling obligations of others, trying to live up to expectations, we get stuck. Little by little we sell out to what people want us to be rather than who we are created to be! Years pass by and suddenly, we are old. And what potential did we have that we never took time to explore?

Seeing death is funny like that, it makes you think about life. What kept you back during the years you lived: fear? Unforgiveness? Doubt? Trying to impress someone else? Trying to be accepted? Did you live your life for others or did you live your life as God created you to live for Him, with your uniqueness and your own special talents and gifts.

Did you take time to see the beauty God had created within you and use those gifts, unapologetically, to glorify Him?

I’m a pastor, I see so many things God has for His people, but I also see life gets in the way and many are not even aware that it has. In a culture of voyeurism, reality tv, and entertainment, we are more caught up in the lives of others than our own. We live through them, or we live in a constant defeat, always comparing ourselves to others, what we don’t have that others do. And all along, never really appreciating what we have to offer - feeling like we are running to catch up somehow, never being good enough, smart enough or lucky enough.

I want to encourage you to take time to think about your life.

Who are you and what special gifts do you have to offer in this lifetime. Don’t waste your life living through others; controlling them as if they are you, thinking if they don’t do as you expect, it somehow ruins your life.

We ARE to love one another and in some way we are all connected, but living for others or through others is not living the life God gave you to live. God did not create anyone without purpose. You are here for a reason. You have something to offer. Don’t offer your gift to the world, expecting a return!!! Offer your gifts to your Creator. Live as if there is a loving Father watching you. He has given you all the tools you need to fulfill what you are created to be. Live everyday conscious and aware of who you are in Him. This brings joy to Him and to you!

“Do all things as unto to the Lord.” Let go of petty grudges and hurt feelings-it holds you back. Let fear no longer dominate your decisions or your identity!

If God had created the world and just you, what kind of relationship would you have with Him. Imagine, He would only be paying attention to you because you were His only interest. Well, That’s how He feels about you. Even though there are others He created, He has that same interest in you as if there were no others. He loves you utterly and uniquely. And He wants you to throw your head back and laugh with joy! He wants you to love emphatically, reserving nothing!!

He wants you to see the wonderful person He has made you to be and be grateful! He wants you to live bravely and unapologetically for Him - like you were before life got in the way and you were hurt, bruised and battered by it! He desires you to live unabashedly, like a child who knew nothing of what there was to fear!

Live the life God created for YOU. Finish the race He has given YOU! And LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!!!!♥️

Don’t let 1 or 100 bad relationships define you!



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