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9/11, I remember that morning:

I had just started the church in Houston in 1999. So I had my office and my residence in a 2 bedroom apt. My private quarters were in the master, my office in the living room and the church office in the smaller bedroom. Every nook and cranny was taken by need for storage.

I was awakened by rapid, urgent knocks on my bedroom door, shouting, Pastor, turn on the TV, what you prophesied has come to pass. As I tuned into the news, I saw the footage of the 2 planes hitting the towers. I was in awe. The longer I watched, the sadder I became, until I was overwhelmed with tears, as probably many were.

But I was not afraid because the Word of the Lord had come upon me in May of 2001. God told me this would happen.  The Spirit of God visited me after watching the movie, Pearl Harbor. It was a very strong

visitation and His presence had me crying very hard as He spoke to me. He told me, as it happened in the day of a Pearl Harbor, it would happen again. And once more, it would lead America to war. That happened to be the longest war America ever fought. (We just ended this year, 2021.)

After that great visitation, I asked a few prophetic friends if they had heard anything like this from the Lord. It was apparent, I was the only one, so I didn’t say much about it until August.

Channel 11 was in my office, represented by 5 people, all of whom happened to be Baptist. I don’t remember how it came into the conversation, but I begin to tell them of my visitation. The Spirit of God filled the living room (my office) and all of them, including myself, were in tears as I told them and His Spirit bore witness.

Then on Tuesday, September 2, 2001, I prophesied, by the Spirit of God, that Egypt was going down and God’s people were coming up. As it has happened before, it shall happen again, America will be attacked and we will go to war.

On September 11, everyone in that service, remembered the Word of God and called the office, honoring the Word of the Lord, in awe.

And, again the Word of the Lord came to me in July, 2019, where God spoke, preparing us for the virus. I prophesied that there were viruses coming and many people would die because of them, but we were not to be afraid. Surely, we have seen this come to pass as well.

Amos declares that God will not allow anything, unless He reveals it through His prophets first.

“Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Without revealing His secret plan [of the judgment to come] To His servants the prophets”, Amos 3:7

No matter how fearful things can seem, we can always trust in our God and know that nothing takes Him by surprise and He will speak to us, because we are His!

His prophets hear His Word and declare it!



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