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2020 Prophetic Word: Earthquakes, Attacks, Government & Religion!

Sunday service, I mentioned many things that are going to be happened this year because I’ve been spending time before the Lord and asking Him. One of the things I mentioned was the earthquakes that were going to be at the first of 2020. We certainly have seen this come to pass. Also, all last year I constantly mentioned a terrorist attack that may happen at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. It looks like that now is completely plausible and may take place soon. I also felt that there would be a swing back to a more conservative America. I’ve been saying for a while that great changes in government, religion and transportation are at hand, not just in America but all over the world. As the Lord showed me these things I documented many of them on Facebook in the past months.

We will also see justice brought about this year in a very visual way. An open show of authority figures in politics and religion will come down, be put to shame or pass from this life. Again, this is not just in America. We will see regimes change. Big changes and shaking in the Middle East. There will be earthquakes there and China as well.

This Sunday, I ministered on how important it is to think thoughts that are high and not negative or guttural. This age we are entering into is very spiritual. Our thoughts are powerful for good or bad and the affect of our thoughts will determine outcomes. Not that this hasn’t always been true, but it is more so this year and the years to come.

I wanted to document a few of these things because so much is already taking place. I will put everything in one post by this week. God is certainly with us in a greater way this year and He is going to open up our understanding!

I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this year is going to be spiritually! However, as the people of God get stronger so will the powers of darkness. But we already have the victory as long as we abide in The true Vine, Jesus!



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