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March - A Spiritually Charged Month!

Find time to fast, 2-3 days a week this month, pray and spend time separated alone with God, reading The Word (Bible). This will help transition you into all God has for you. And remember all things are working together for good in your life. Events may be a bit unsettling, but there is a higher purpose in all things. This is how we transition into higher levels through the straight and narrow gate. The word “straight”means difficult situation. Mathew 7:14 God wants to visit His children, slow down and spend time with Him. There are many revelations He wants to unveil.

Floods, drownings, unusual weather, financial changes, as I prophesied at the beginning of this year will begin. This year will be challenging but all for good purposes. Concentrate on the spiritual rather than the physical because this is a time for growth!

Already, as I ministered at the beginning of the year, we would have tornadoes in unusual places. We saw this at the beginning of this month in Alabama EF4 tornado. 🙏🏼 praying for all those of whom lost loved ones and their homes in that tragedy.

And remember this is also a time of judgement beginning in the house of God. Motives of God’s people that don’t line up with His will, will be unveiled. Judge yourself, that you not be judged!! It’s an awesome season in God!

Take time to seek His face! I’m praying for all those who follow us!🙏🏼 May God lead and draw you close to Him!♥️

I will be saying something about Venezuela soon as the Lord has shown me. By the way, so many testimonies of February breakthroughs!😃

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