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New Year's Revival

Beginning Sunday, we will enter into 3 days of 5 services with a very specific purpose for each day:

SUNDAY- A Time To Consecrate

11:30am & 7:00pm

In these two services we will focus on taking off the old, repenting from habits that have not served us well, changing our thought patterns from negative, judgmental, faithless, unforgiving thoughts to higher thoughts of faith, hope and love! First, we need to recognize these rehearsed patterns in our life in order to change them. We cannot repent from something we refuse to recognize as a lower existence, that is not beneficial. The Holy Spirit is here to work with us as we humble ourselves!


MONDAY - NEW YEARS EVE 12:00(noon) 8:00-midnight

This is a day where we will step into the new. 2019 is going to be a very special year for the people of obedience. God has shown me an immense amount of people getting saved! And He is going to use many of you to get the job done!! ( I will be writing about all the things God showed for 2019 in the next few days - there are some tragic things as well) But MONDAY will be a day of discovery and faith applications. The Lord has shown me how these applications are going to manifest the promises this year, and there will be no more delay! Fireworks, also, for the children at midnight!



This will be a horn of oil or an “anointing” service, where I will anoint you for your purpose for this year and the years to come! As David and many great men were anointed by the prophets to serve the Lord in power and loyalty, so is it for you in this day!

Evangelist Chris Brooks, Sister Pat Nuygen, her worship team from Sherman, TX and Linzie Smith from San Antonio with her siblings will be performing under the unction of the Holy Spirit. RGC choir will also bring forth a blessing of praise! And Tuesday, we will dance before the Lord as David danced with all his heart!

Be praying about what you want to eliminate and what you want to add to this new year of 2019! It is going to be a very exciting year!! Come prepared!

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