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Update On 2018 Fulfilled Prophecies

This was another prophetic vision fulfilled as the Lord showed me a casket in the National Capitol some 2 years ago, documented in this Facebook account. Of course, I thought it would be a much more tragic event and I didn’t know who it would be. It ended up being an unusual request of Sen John McCain to be eulogized in such a way on a national level. This was not a common request made by a senator.

We also saw many words fulfilled this summer. The stock market was shaken by the plunge of Facebook stock. The floods, anger, hostility, volcanic eruptions, fires and earthquakes have all been witnessed this year by what was shown to be at the beginning of the year. Many other prophesies have also come to pass regarding women rising to power and a greater demand being heard of equal pay.

I feel the later part of this year will be a little less threatening. The economy will do well and God’s people will continue to prosper. We have had so many people in our church prosper this year in their businesses, promotions, new jobs and bonuses. God is surely bringing to pass His word. There are a few things mentioned in the 2018 prophetic word that will be fulfilled in this later half on the year regarding relationships and such.

I’m writing this also to answer some questions asked of me regarding this year.

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