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RGC Building Update

Many of you know we purchased a building last summer. We have been renovating it since June, 2017. The building has 14 air conditioners to various classrooms and the sanctuary. Most of them are as old as 1984, others from 2001. Unfortunately, during this very hot summer, we have had some to die, primarily in the sanctuary. Because they are so large and so many, it will cost $83,000 to replace them.

We stepped out by faith and had 2 installed, trusting God, as He has told me all needs would be met on this property (His House). Then someone contributed $30,000!!!! Then 15 people have a one time offering of $1000!! It is so exciting to watch God fulfill His word!! We have a ways to go, but I know we will get there!😃 So the story continues.... Should YOU feel led to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps share our story with someone who has a heart to give. It’s always exciting to see who God will use and what would be donated by whom! It’s awesome to be a giver for the kingdom!!! It’s also satisfying and rewarding!! Click HERE to donate online now, or mail a donation to 8727 Gaines Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77498. Thanks for considering! I’ll keep you informed of how this miracle comes about!!😁 God is awesome!!!!

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