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Although there will be intense in-feuding within this country (USA), the truth will come out. The forces of evil that have underhandedly tried to destroy this country shall be exposed. Because there has been prayer by God’s people of whom love this nation, the darkness will be exposed. It won’t necessarily make things easier but the truth is coming out regarding secret government former plans of destruction. Those who have been involved will be exposed. Sometimes it’s a blissful place to live in ignorance but it’s the truth that sets us free. Not just in the US, but even in other countries we shall see leadership change. North Korea and South Korea will become one country, regardless of what it looks like now! Counties will have new lines of boarders. Country boarders will change. And just as God is shaking the US, other nations will be affected by earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, as it has already begun this year. (See prophetic word for 2018). I feel as though there will be another notable earthquake on the west coast. God is shaking that area. I prophesied this in my Sunday morning service. We are seeing the fires that were shown to me at the beginning of the year all over this nation. There are hurricanes coming as well. Terrorist activity in the land and maybe even in the sky will be on the news. More Christian leaders will pass or be publicly admonished.

We are not to fear any of these shakings. Even if we are victim to some of it! God’s people have a promise that all things work together for good!!!! Often what looks like disaster in our lives, is God rearranging priorities and life‘s purpose. I have noted in my own life that my hardships and disappointments have only brought me into a stronger relationship with my Lord. God needs to hear the deep cry of our soul calling to the deep of who He is— the deep calls to the deep. This is our growth! We are not on the earth to gain social status, more money, bigger cars and bigger houses! Our destiny is in Him, to become more like Him. Even a physical father cannot be known by a child unless there is time spent with him. God will interrupt our life with situations, hardships and disappointments, so that we will discover a spiritual path and a knowing of our God. Consider yourself blessed if you have encountered such interruptions!! We are on a journey and the pathway is only getting brighter!!!! God bless you today!

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