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Summer Prophetic Word

This summer will be a very spiritual time. We are going to see God move on His “chosen”. Those of whom have been backsliders are coming back to the Lord!! And those who don’t know they are called shall be awaken by the Lord! We will see a move in Hollywood that will begin as many famous actors and artists will suddenly pass away. Today, Kate Spade passed by taking her own life 🙏🏼prayers to her 13 yr old daughter😔. The news of death will continue during the summer months with well-known people. Terrorist activity will heighten this summer as anger and rage will also increase. Volcanoes and earthquakes will continue all over the world and in the United States, even in areas that have never had this activity, as well as areas vulnerable to earthquakes. The stock market will take a dive or go down this summer. God is going to bless His people during this time and opportunity will arise to bless the Kingdom for those of whom are called as financiers to labor in God’s work. More oil is going to be discovered in the USA. God showed this to me in 2007, and again recently. I sense the oil stocks will go up. And I feel we will find a new energy as well as the traditional oil and gas. It will be a hot summer and tempers will flair, the negative narrative and divisiveness will worsen this summer (maybe an attempted assassinations), but to the people of whom put their trust in God and have sown spiritually, shall a reaping now begin to take place. Overnight breakthroughs and words given prophetically are going to be manifested. Watch for lives you have looked to be changed, suddenly take a turn for the better. But a shaking shall come about as well these summer months.

Relationships will come together for marriage. And breakthroughs in carrying babies full term will come about. As the Lord showed me at the beginning of the year, ministers adverted to their own will and not that of the Lord, will be brought into correction.

I have pinned to the top of RGC (Reigning Glory Church) FACEBOOK page the prophetic word God gave me for 2018. You can see how much has already come to pass. This is a year for God’s people. Spiritual awakenings and breakthroughs are happening now. Our services are over the top. This past Sunday, the praise from God’s people was so loud and so strong, it couldn’t be stopped and the visitation of God rested on the congregation. Words given on Sunday have already come to pass this week! Every week we have testimonials of long awaited promises being fulfilled now. People weep as they tell of God’s faithfulness to His prophetic word!! WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!

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