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2018 Word Of The Lord

2018 is the year of fire, shaking, awakening, and restoration!

This will be a very exciting year for God’s people. However, the earth and all therein is still in a season of judgement. We are not in a time of The Lord’s wrath, which is something different. Judgement shakes everything that CAN be shaken. The remains are strengthened. God shakes us out of a material existence and awakens us to those things that matter most. There is a spiritual consciousness that awaits His people. God has prepared an entrance into this place, where we KNOW God and are able to do exploits. Because we have gotten so wrapped up in this world and our earthly existence, things have to be shaken so our trust is no longer in the natural way of life. We are awakened to The Spirit realm, a world above all things. Jesus has made a way, an open door for us to enter in to a relationship with God and to know Him. But many do not know God, even though they have accepted Jesus as their savior. They only know about Him, they are not privy to His heart or His mind. It is awesome that we have been invited to have such an experience! But people are too busy, carrying on with their lives, spending more time fulfilling obligations and entertaining themselves, than to set aside time to seek Him. Many have not taken advantage of the great opportunity Jesus has provided. Judgement is here to give us pause and recognize that there is more that God has for us than the material and this physical world. This is a season of the awakening!!

The Lord showed me that there would be more supernatural events that will occur during this time. By this, I’m mean visions, visitations, revelations and more and more people will be experiencing visits to heaven. Because of this, we will also see an increase of books written on these experiences.

We have yet to know our purpose on the earth, but this is a season these things will be revealed to us. I can give you a visual by suggesting the movie, “The Force Awakens”. This is a Star Wars movie. It depicts a type and shadow of a people discovering their destiny. We will realize who we really are and what we are capable of doing by the power revealed with in us (Christ in us the Hope of Glory). We are getting ready to walk in a place where we will know things we’ve never known before, see things we never seen before and be able to do things we’ve never been able to do before!!!

Furthermore, God has commissioned a special group of angels that are sent in the earth for one purpose. They are here to help people with addictions and break habits which are stealing their lives. This includes people that have been in our prayers for years and we have longed to see them set free from controlling addictions!!! 2018 will be the beginning of this great movement!!

Some leaders in the church will pass because their work is completed, others because of their unwillingness to repent.

As I have already reported, we will see several earthquakes this year throughout the world. I believe these will occur especially in and to the west of the US and other parts as well. They will appear where we have seen them before and places we have never seen them all over the world. The foundation will shake even under the SEA, which may cause other issues. There will be much damage as in this past year of hurricanes, which was also prophesied at the end of 2016 and the beginning of last year, 2017. China will be shaken with earthquakes,floods and government unrest and changes will be made.

2018 is a time of physical fires as well as spiritual ones. We will see more fire devastation than ever. Whole forests will be consumed. Volcanoes will erupt with fire (hot lava) and smoke. But spiritually, a fire of God’s Spirit will begin a new excitement as many will see His Glory! Tornadoes and devastating winds also shall bring havoc.

As I posted at the beginning of December 2017, through the prophetic, I saw that this would be a very cold winter and the flu would be rampant, including other viruses and diseases. These things have already and are coming to pass and it has been documented as one of the coldest winters. But, get ready, it will continue in Jan and Feb and may be as bad or worse. This summer will be challenging with droughts and unrest.

Globally, citizens of countries in our world will become unhappy with governments. Violence will be seen on the news. I gave this word on Sunday and we are already seeing troubles brewing in the Middle East, as I saw a report on the news today. We will see much more of this and regimes will change hands in many countries- attempted assassinations and a great unrest in many parts of our world. Israel will be in war. God will deal with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. North Korea needs the gospel and it has been prohibited. God will bring justice and deal with this man, eventually bringing North and South Korea together. I feel as though Germany may be challenged this year. There may be possible uproars, upheaval and wars within Germany and difficult financial situations, which would affect Europe. Some countries in Europe may not do as well financially. Terrorism will again be an issue for many countries on land and in the air. Concerning the USA, we may have ups and downs but I think we will do well financially over all. Hidden corrupt situations regarding the United States government will be revealed.

God is going to bless His people, for sure, because He has a purpose to not only restore everything that the enemy has stolen, but to also finance the Gospel. It must be preached to all the ends of the earth. And a people must be prepared for the coming of our Lord!! If you are involved in the stock market, be very sensitive to the Spirit and in prayer as we will have tremendous highs and some lows. Make sure you are out towards the end of 2019. 2020 will be a very volatile year. As you seek the Lord, He will lead you into all truths. In putting Him first, all things will be added to your life in all areas.

Great finances are coming to the body of Christ, especially for the work of the kingdom. And many situations that never worked before are going to work now. Businesses that could never make it will make it. Ministries that couldn’t come forth and fulfillment of purposes that were not yet birthed are coming forth. New finances and wisdom in how to achieve success are coming about and continuing this year.

God is also going to deal with the enemies of His people, those that have withstood God’s people and have held them back. He will scatter enemies. Read psalms 18 for this year!!

This is also a season for women. We will see more things like equal pay and more women rising to prominent positions.

Many other works of darkness will be uncovered in all aspects. God is going to restore His people!!! Whatever personal tests you have passed and situations you have overcome-you will see God bringing reward beginning this year. This is God passing out accolades, rewards and promotions. He is restoring families,relationships and many things lost from previous years! There will also be new engagements for marriages and God will put together His people to be strengthened in ministry and their mission. Some people that could never have a child will conceive this year!

There are other things God has shown me that I know are coming, I just don’t know when. I believe we will see judgement this year and the years to come, but be at peace. There is much to celebrate with the great breakthroughs God is bringing for His people, those that have know Him and those that will know Him!! We can’t be sad, we can only rejoice for all the things we were born to do in the earth are coming to fruition. God is preparing us for His coming and those that know Him will do exploits!! We are honored to live in a day such as this!! Rejoice!!

Walk in humility and keep in prayer. As the Lord shows me more I will post! God bless!

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