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Financial Blessings For God's People


This time is such an exciting time for God’s people!! Finances are going to soar. Don’t be discouraged if you have had to wait for your “ship to come in!" If God has put it in your heart to be a financial blessing to His kingdom and years have passed you by without seeing the promise, hold on, time is about to be filled!

You may wonder why it has come easy for others but has been detained for you. I would like to encourage you with many stories in the Bible of men and women that were going to do something huge for God. They were seemingly detained and had to wait years while others were able to prosper and produce. God always saves the best for last. He makes His promised seed wait and cry out for the blessing even after the word (desire) has been given! For years, a cry from the heart of God’s people has been heard. God put it in their hearts. But the mission has yet to be birthed!

We can look at the life of Abraham and Sarah. They waited so long to see the word of the Lord come to pass. They even tried to make it happen by using a surrogate because it was taking so long! For the anointed, nothing comes easy! Hanna was appointed by God to birth a great prophet in the earth. So great- that none of his words would fall to the ground. The other wife of her husband was easily producing babies left and right, putting Hanna in anguish. But Hanna had to cry out. She suffered as she witnessed another get blessed while her blessing was yet withheld. In desperation, she made a vow to God, to give her child back to God if He would fulfill this burning desire. God needed someone to make a vow because He needed a powerful prophet to bring changes to the age of what was going on with His people. His people were out of line and disobedient- even Eli, His high priest. So God chose Hanna and withheld the blessing in order that a vow would be made! God needed a dedicated vessel to bring forth His will. This child, Samuel, was extra ordinary, a game changer in the Kingdom! He was instrumental at a young age prophesying to Eli, affecting his sons and their nation. Later, God used him in the lives of kings Saul and David. And he signal handily changed the destiny for the nation through his obedience and calling upon his life.

This is not unlike the season in which we are living. God is causing His anointed and called to be so desperate, they are willing to give God a vow and dedicate a promise. He can then use the vow to birth forth His will for this hour.

There is a lady in my church, to whom I prophesied that God would put a business in her hand and she would prosper. She made a vow to God that she would give 45% of whatever she made to the Lord in the business. She decided to go into the real estate. I cannot even begin to tell you of all the blessings that have come her way. At first, it was hard to give 45% when she had so many needs in her own family. But she has kept her word and did according to her vow. Just this past week, her husband was offered a job making $250,000 a year. He doesn’t even have a college education!!! God is looking for someone that will dedicate and keep their vow, even when it’s hard and the money is needed for other bills and debt. God has a need for the kingdom to be financed at this time and He is looking for those He can trust like Hanna. Someone that will carry out the mission no matter what! He will surely bless those He finds trustworthy.

I have given, through the Spirit of the Lord, many prophetic words of prosperity, but these words will not come to pass for everyone. God spoke to me last week and said, “those who hold back their tenth and are not good stewards of their monies will not enter into the blessings”. God has never talk to me before about the tithe. But the Bible says it belongs to the Lord. And if we hold it back, we rob God. Of what? We rob Him of our dedication. God doesn’t need our money- He needs our obedience! If we cannot trust that He will make a way for us to pay our tithes and our bills, then we do not believe in the power of God and that He is able to keep up if we are obedient. He wants the FIRST fruits. He doesn’t want to be at the end of our bill paying and last to get His portion. He wants to be first. I’ve seen God move tremendously for those that determined He is worthy of being first place in their lives!!

God is going to put it on some of our hearts to make a specific vow to Him in 2018. We will not just say we will give, but we name the vow and exactly what we will do as part of the vow. God needs his master givers (those that it is in their hearts to give) to step up this year and watch the miracles unfold! Many blessing have been withheld because time needed to be filled up. We will give back to God as Hanna gave her firstborn back to God for His use. Pray and wait on God to know the vow you are to make and fulfill the call on your life. He will let you know if your vow is pleasing to Him. I believe you will feel a witness and a confirmation.

We are living in some of the most supernatural times and nothing is impossible to them that believe. Read the story of Hanna and let the word be your guide!!!

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