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Earthquakes Are Coming

At the beginning of the year I prophesied that there would be fires, hurricanes, earthquakes along with a list of many other natural disasters. We have seen these events come to pass including Houston being completely under water; And of course the fires, floods, Hurricanes, volcanoes (a big one just happened this last week) and devastating earthquakes.

Now, we are getting ready to see earthquakes happening more frequently beginning in the month of December and throughout 2018. They will be more devastating and will occur in the United States as well as other parts of the world.

This winter will also be very cold and viruses and the flu will be rampant. News reports are already telling us the flu shot is not effective. I wouldn’t put my trust in THAT protection anyway, but in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay in prayer and keep your immune system built up by plenty of rest and nutrition!

I will be seeking the Lord before the end of January to bring a yearly report for 2018.

I’m so grateful for prophetic words that have also come to pass concerning God bringing forth justice. For years abusers have been able to hide behind their power and position, while sowing hurt and shame in their victims. God showed me at the beginning of the year that they would reap what they have sown. We have seen expedient action taken, and those who have taken advantage of others are being shamed and loosing their position! This move is affecting our society!! We are seeing it happening in all facets of occupations. GOD IS JUST. It is 2017 that He has chosen to right many wrongs. I believe this will continue for a little while.

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