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Prepare For Breakthrough

This is really breakthrough season. Last Sunday was a breakthrough service with a very powerful presence of God and His angels. We had been praying, pressing in and repenting all the week before. And the word I've been giving all year long about finances and prosperity has begun. The Lord showed me again last Saturday and I posted it. Since then, so many people in my church are receiving unprecedented monies! And it's going to get greater.

This month we may encounter some health concerns regarding some kind of bacteria or virus. It could escalate to epidemic proportions. But the hand of the Lord will protect those who put their trust in Him. Also, I want to address injustice. God is going to deal with our enemies at this time. He is bringing justice for God's people. God hates injustice. He is a righteous judge!! Just make sure you are on the right side of situations and your heart is pure! Then watch God demonstrate!!! It really is a different season. You will see God stand up for you as you trust Him! We have lived in a time where there has been no fear of God and people have done whatever they wanted to God's prophets and His anointed. But that time is coming to a close!!!!

Also, concerning family members & loved ones: God is also going to fight for people we love. Many of whom we have taken a stand for their deliverance. We have believed with continuous intercession on their behalf!! Today, God gave the me the parable of the wheat and the tare growing together. The angels were sent to separate the wheat from the tare. He commissioned the gatherers (Angels) to gather the tares first, bundle them together & cast them into the fire! I believe the tares are the supernatural forces that won't let our loved ones go. But God is unleashing His Angels to deal with these tares!!! Pray specifically that your loved one's eyes be opened and ask God to bring the deliverance!! Your prayers are powerful--- don't give up!!! It's a time to see the breakthrough!!!

We are seeing many prophecies beginning to come to pass in this Fall season. The maple leaves 🍁 are falling...(referenced to the 'Word of God for 2017'). Stay humble, continue to walk softly before the Lord, with a heart open to repentance always and this will be your best days yet. We are really pressing in everyday with great prayer at RGC!

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