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Be Not Deceived - Recent Hurricanes


God is bringing the shaking God spoke to me this past week and told me that a deceptive message is weaving its way into the Body of Christ. Many who walk with God, know His mind and His ways, also know that this a season of shaking!! He has a purpose behind the unprecedented earthquake in Mexico, hurricane in Texas and the last hurricane in Florida and surrounding islands. He is speaking through these horrific events. He is calling for nations to repent.

I believe because many had witnessed the devastation in Houston, when the alert was broadcasted to heed the warnings of the cat 5 storm threatening our boarders again, many prayed! A cry for mercy and repentance was heard in the heavens by the saints. God did show mercy and the storm turned and lessened-- not because we rebuked the storm, but because we humbled ourselves. Many many people we're praying- even those that don't have a regular prayer life. How arrogant are some unseasoned believers to rebuke the hand of God. And then chastise the prophets that are hearing from God by mocking their warning to repent! Much of the church is far away from the mind of God. When Peter only knew his own mind and reasoning, he tried to tell Jesus not to go to the cross. Jesus had to rebuke him by saying, " you savor (say) not the things that be of God." Today, saints walk in their own soulish understanding and believe they are hearing from God. Even some that have a GIFT of prophecy in their lives, but do not KNOW God! For is it not written, they said "didn't we prophesy in your name?" His response was, "depart from me, I never KNEW you!" I want to make clear that just as Peter loved Jesus very much and believed he was protecting Him, many saints love the Lord very much and are trying to make a loving stand in what they believe is right. But in these instances, God is shaking everything that can be shaken so He can strength the spiritual part of our walk because of the day we are living.

From this hour on we will see the sheep being separated from the goats. An arrogant spirit exists in the church that says we have authority and we have the NAME OF JESUS. And this is true. But Jesus did only what the Father showed Him. We must be in sync with the Spirit. We do a disservice to our fellow brethren if we are not examples. " if my people who are called by MY name humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land!!"The sonship anointing God is raising up in this hour is an Elijah company. This has to proceed the move of God that is coming to the earth! Those that are LED by the Spirit- these are the sons of God-- not those leading the Spirit by their own thoughts, making God into an image and reflection of their own minds. If saints keep calling this the enemy, where is the repentance? The purpose is being missed in this particular season!

Just as God sent His voice in the wilderness to repent (John the Baptist) and the spirit of Elijah rested on him, God told me that He is raising up an army of saints that will carry the Elijah anointing. They will preach repentance for once again for the kingdom of God is at hand!! Malachi 3:19-24

If this nation does not heed the call to repent and cry out to God, there are worse events yet to come for cities in California, Houston, New York and Chicago. Because I live in Houston, God has told me that many of His people have not received His prophets in this city and not heard His messengers He has sent. He told me in August of 2015, that He was going to judge this city for that reason. He may be shaking this city for others reasons as well, but He only mentioned this reason to me. After the hurricane, He visited me again and said if there is no repentance, He is coming again to Houston with a greater judgement. I want to warn, but not put anyone in fear. God has not given us that spirit, but an awe of God and a honor and respect for His greatness! I saw dead bodies everywhere. It shook me! This will be devastating!! I won't share too much detail, but I have spoken of this in my church. God wants change and true humility of our hearts. Our churches need to be crying out! His heart breaks because He has given so much opportunity to those He loves to repent, but they have gone on with the affairs of this life and only call on Him when they are in trouble, making no effort to know Him or walk with Him. Those that know their God will do exploits! He is preparing His body.

Read my post about the eclipse, you will see that He is giving us signs in the sky. Even the constellations of this month are speaking to us of this season. (I will try to post an explanation of what is occurring in the constellation in September later.) God's heaven declares His mighty works. This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. A great birthing is taking place this month. God spoke through a sign in the sky as a witness of His greatness through the star of Bethlehem when Jesus was born. He speaks through all the things He has created!!!!

Repent, and know this will be our greatest hour and we shall behold His glory!! We are truly blessed to live and witness the greatest move of God the earth has ever encountered. His creation- the Angels and all that has been created in the heavens and in the earth are excited about this day whereby the sons of God will be manifested! THE ALMIGHTY GOD makes Himself known and the creation is rejoicing!

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