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November 5, 2017


Corporate Word for RGC

Word of the Lord - Nov 5, 2017

For even upon this month says the Lord, shall thou begin to recognize a great movement of my Spirit.  For I say ye look now my children for restoration is at hand for I shall begin to restore back to thee even the years the cankerworm, ye has stolen from thee.  Ye, through all tactics that thou has suffered through, ye even over these 7 years says God, look now.  Ye, for now is the blessing that shall be given even in this month says the Lord and thou shall know that I am the Lord who reigns and those, ye that will look to me will not be disappointed says the Lord, for restoration shall begin, even this month.  Give me praise now, says the Lord.  Give me praise, says the Lord.  Give me my praise, says the Lord.

January 13, 2017

What's In Store For 2017

Here are few things God has said:


Israel will go to war and will be found in a form of captivity. Judgement is here and we will continue to have major floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes. Things will intensify this year. Huge and sharp turns of extremes in the weather & the stock market....Strong peaks and lows. The darkness will be strengthen but the light will intensify greatly!. As judgement falls, many will reap what they have sown (good & bad), and God will bring JUSTICE to many situations. He will make wrongs right.

'Open doors in February. The Summer and Fall months will be challenging.

3 things I'm not sure when will take place: Invasion of Russia on US soil, Houston completely under water, Asteroids (comets) are going to hit the earth. (Not destroy the earth)

This season will be a great time for God's people (the dedicated ones). Amazing things will happen. This Summer we will see supernatural meet the natural. God is building up an Elijah company that will pierce through the darkness. What I see the strongest, is in finances!!! Big breakthroughs in businesses and people starting businesses. 'Promotion for God's people. I see people becoming successes overnight! And God taking companies owned by strong believers to new incredible levels no matter what happens in the economy!! The gospel will be financed and this will last for a few years, as we all have been commissioned to take the gospel into all parts of the earth. 

'Great miracles and overdue prophecies coming to pass. 'Incredible moves of God! 'A great wave of God on the children moving in the supernatural. 

'Loved ones getting saved and delivered! In fact, a tremendous move for salvation everywhere in the world and will continue...Everything will be shaken but God will be behind the shaking. Another thing the Lord has shown me is He is going to restore marriages and make marriages happen (to the right one). Let God take care of this one...keep your mind and heart on Him. Seek first the kingdom...remember, He adds to your life. He has the power to put it all together in due season and make it beautiful! Just know He is more than enough in all seasons and in every situation. The wisdom is in becoming whole in God first - not because another person makes you whole.

This morning I had a dream of a lady in my church. I only knew of one daughter she had. But I dreamed she brought a young man to church. And I knew by the Spirit it was her son. I prophesied to him, that he had been having torturous dreams but God was going to turn those dreams into prophetic dreams. When I woke up, I ask my secretary if this woman had called because I usually dream of someone who is asking God a question or asking prayer about something. She said,"No." So I emailed her and asked her if she was praying about someone who was "like"a son to her, thinking she did not have a son. She called me after that and was crying because she had given up a son when she was 17 (she never told me). She said,"He is selling drugs, angry and a muslin". I told her," NOT FOR LONG!"I had given her a word this past Sunday that God was going to answer 5 prayers because she had passed the tests that were given to her by God. I told her today, this was one of the 5 things God was going to answer. She was crying and so grateful. She had been praying for me at the very time God was giving me the dream about her. I tell this story to say in the dream, while I was ministering to her son, a sudden, incredible wind begin to blow fiercely. I saw big maple leaves swirling in the background. And I say this prophetically, A WIND IS GETTING READY TO BLOW FROM HEAVEN LIKE WE HAVE NEVER SEEN! And all the promises and restoration God has for us is going to be brought right to our door!!!! Impossible things we've we once had faith to believe God could do are going to suddenly come to pass!! 

GET READY FOR THE GREAT WIND OF CHANGE THAT IS AT THE DOOR!! The last shall be first and the first shall be last!! And all things that have been withheld, shall be released to restore us and heal us! 

This is some of the great things God has in store for His children that have waited on Him!!❤

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