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Supernatural Assistance

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT: I dreamed I was caught up to heaven last night in a place where there were 2 angels on either side of an easel. The easel had a covering over it. Then the angels pulled away the covering and unveiled what was underneath. It was a white, large board with my name on it. Every inch of the board was glistening with large gems stones of sorted colors, each carrying tremendous light. I was then told by one of the angels that these were gifts given to me in the make up of who I was. I was made to understand that these were “an equipping” for my purpose on earth. He instructed me, I wasn’t to let anything hinder the gifts I came to bare. These great gems were gifts from heaven to the people in the earth and I had been given the responsibility to bare them. I was in awe of their beauty as well as the concept that GIFTS were actual GEMS and that they were incorporated into who I was. It also reminded me a Aaron, the brother of Moses and the first high priest. He was instructed to wear a breastplate filled with 12 gems.

When I merely thought in my mind how difficult it is to not to be hindered from my purpose because of the tremendous ensue of attacks of late, one of the angels spoke to me, telling me they were here to assist me in what I was sent to do. I was not alone. I could feel the compassion of God and His love. It brought great comfort to me.

Immediately I had another dream. I was inside my house, which was on a very high mountain, like in the Swiss alps. The house had large floor to ceiling windows all around and a roof that overshadowed the windows.

All of a sudden, an airplane was shooting bullets at the windows, but because of the roof’s coverage, the bullets were not able to hit the windows. Then almost like a suicide mission the airplane turned upside down and was attempting to fly under the roof and crash through the windows. Out of nowhere, another airplane appeared and tried to rope the destructive airplane and pull it away from my house. I instinctively knew that this was a very dangerous mission for the second airplane. I woke up calling out the name of the pilot in the second plane as he struggled to pull away from my house the first plane.

I believe I was given the second dream to show me God was sending holy assistance. Just as the angel told me in the first dream, they were here to help me.

I know this is a personal dream to me right now, but I wanted to share it because I believe we all have an assignment from God and we have to know God has messengers, angels and even people on the earth that are sent to assist us in the battles we face in doing the will of God. Because we are not fulfilling these assignments for our own personal gain, but to do the will of Him who sent us on the earth, He sends us supernatural help.

We are not alone, no matter how difficult it becomes! And even though it may look like the strength of what is against you is great, when your heart is pure, there is more for you than against you and the powers of darkness will not destroy you or your house!!




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