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Passing On

At the beginning of the year, the Lord told me this would be a year of many deaths, this was also told to us in the prophetic word given by me in July of 2019: the warning about the virus, it would cause many deaths. We are still in this year and still, there will be more deaths to come. There will even be some well-known preachers to also pass this year. Some will pass because they refused to be changed by the Spirit of God. God has strived with them to no avail, while others will pass because their work is finished here on earth and God is calling them home. We will see that there will also be difficult weather and natural disasters for the remainder of this year. California had another earthquake which was stronger than reported last week. And as God showed me, the hurricanes have been endless. I expect another hurricane in October. The rioting and protest will grow worse! I believe there will be a controversy over the election. Maybe it will be in Pennsylvania rather than Florida as it was with the Bush/ Gore election. I'm not sure how but we will not know who the president is when we normally would! AS I HAVE STATED BEFORE HUMILITY AND PRAYER (crying out) ARE THE ONLY WAYS TO TRANSITION THROUGH THIS PERIOD OF TIME! Remember, it is also a time of the great awakening and many will be awakened out of their graves. (Watch the message from this past Sunday streamed on Facebook live.) I want to give praise to God for a great move of His Spirit this weekend!



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