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October thru December 2020, Challenging Times!

So much is going to happen in these three months. Anger, rage, division, and violence. I’ve been speaking about this time for a long time. I believe that we will have floods and natural disasters as well. There might be a hurricane in October or possibly a tsunami. Earthquakes are still frequently occurring as well. This could be the time David Wilkerson saw, where 100 cities were burning. As I have been saying all year, we will not know who the president is when we normally would- some type of delay. Mid-November will bring greater rage, terror, and anger. But God will be with those who trust him. Judgment is here and the church will be judged as well. We will see many people, government, and world systems exposed at the beginning of 2021!!

God is using all this as a shaking. The old is dying out so the new can be birthed. The economy will go down before it comes up. But it will come up and flourish! Many of God’s givers to the Kingdom of God will know a greater blessing, even some millionaires, some billionaires. The old will pass away and the USA will become a more politically conservative nation. Abortion laws will be changed. And the country will change in many ways.

It will lead to other countries change also. As I have prophesied a few years back, we will see China be liberated and have freedom of religion. The Christians will come up from underground and evangelize China!!! North and South Korea shall become one and the Middle East will experience a great move of God also. This earth belongs to God and He’s getting ready to take back what the enemy has controlled for many years, but first He must destroy the old. The sons of God shall rise up and restore this earth, it’s rivers, lakes, oceans, vegetation, and soil.

Children who haven’t even been born yet will experience this great move of God. Some will be baptized in the Holy Spirit while in their mother’s womb and be used at a young age. The world will look very different as this transition begins to take place.

STAY IN PRAYER, ESPECIALLY OVER THESE NEXT FEW MONTHS. Pray also for political leaders as their lives may be endangered during this time.



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