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Exposure & Justice

Last night before I went to bed God spoke to me out of the book of Psalms that justice is coming!

This morning I had a dream. Sex trafficking and satanic rituals were being done in this school, in my dream, by people of high ranking positions. The one in charge was an older woman and an older man accompanied her. You would never had thought they’d be involved in such a horrific crime by their appearance. They had murdered an eleventh grader and a janitor, but most of their victims were taken off the streets to perform these rituals. I was shocked to see people I knew in the dream attending a bible study, which was set up as a cover for what they were really doing behind the scenes. I saw everything in the dream. How they did rituals, how they were undetected for so long. Without going into a lot of detail. They were exposed and brought to justice. I believe God was continuing a conversation He began with me the night before about justice coming by giving me this dream.

God is getting ready to expose the enemy. As He spoke to me last night, people think they are secure in the evil they have done behind closed doors because they have gotten away with it for so long. Even enemies of God’s people who have done things in secret to destroy one of God’s little ones are going to see their time is at hand to be exposed.

Sometimes God will allows the enemy to seem as though he will never be caught and the injustice continues for years against the innocent. But out of nowhere God says, “Enough is enough!” We are at the time where God is bringing down the hammer.

I would assume hidden crimes are getting ready to be exposed and justice for those who have done evil continually will be uncovered. Even on a personal level to all those who have undergone gossip and acts of destruction at the hand of your enemies, yet you have not given evil for evil, but trusted your God to bring His vengeance and His justice, time has had time. David didn’t fight his battles with retaliation, but fasted before God and prayed. God dealt with his enemies for him. I have seen God move time after time for me, as I followed this pattern. “Vengeance is Mine”, says the Lord. God sees everything, even things we don’t see! And when God is ready to bring justice, He does it swiftly!

So let’s see what acts the mighty hand of God will display during this season!

I love you and God bless you!



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